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UDZ-MDJN PASSENGER (59604) Route, Time Table, Schedule

Number 59604
Destination MADAR JN (MDJN)

59604 Udz-mdjn Passenger is a Passenger (PAS) which is running between Udaipur City (UDZ) and Madar Jn (MDJN). Udz-mdjn Passenger covers total journey of 306 kilometers. At 09:30 it departs from Udaipur City and at 18:50 it arrives at Madar Jn. 59604 Udz-mdjn Passenger has total 39 stopping station like PANDOLI (PMO), MANDPIYA (MDPA), GULABPURA (GBP) etc. between both source and destination stations. Check here 59604 Running status

Last one week running status of the UDZ-MDJN PASSENGER
28th November RT
23rd November RT
2nd November RT
14th October RT
13th October RT
21st August RT
10th August RT
1st August RT
Current Location of the Train (28th November)UDAIPUR CITY ( UDZ )
Check Running Status
Train Avg. speed 33 km/hr
Journey Distance 306Km.
Train Travel Time 9 Hr 20 Min.
Type of Train PASSENGER (PAS)
Train Running schedule Daily (All Days)

UDZ-MDJN PASSENGER - 59604 Train Schedule

Stations Arrival Departure Halt Distance Day
Stations UDAIPUR CITY Arrival starts Departure 09:30 Halt - Distance - Day 1
Stations RANAPRATAPNAGAR Arrival 09:38 Departure 09:40 Halt 2 m Distance 4 km Day 1
Stations DEBARI Arrival 09:51 Departure 09:52 Halt 1 m Distance 14 km Day 1
Stations KHEMLI Arrival 10:03 Departure 10:04 Halt 1 m Distance 25 km Day 1
Stations BHIMAL Arrival 10:14 Departure 10:15 Halt 1 m Distance 35 km Day 1
Stations MAVLI JN Arrival 10:25 Departure 10:30 Halt 5 m Distance 42 km Day 1
Stations FATEHNAGAR Arrival 10:40 Departure 10:41 Halt 1 m Distance 56 km Day 1
Stations BHUPALSAGAR Arrival 10:52 Departure 10:53 Halt 1 m Distance 68 km Day 1
Stations KAPASAN Arrival 11:03 Departure 11:04 Halt 1 m Distance 79 km Day 1
Stations PANDOLI Arrival 11:13 Departure 11:14 Halt 1 m Distance 88 km Day 1
Stations NETAWAL Arrival 11:22 Departure 11:23 Halt 1 m Distance 96 km Day 1
Stations GHOSUNDA Arrival 11:30 Departure 11:31 Halt 1 m Distance 102 km Day 1
Stations CHITTAURGARH Arrival 12:20 Departure 12:45 Halt 0 m Distance 114 km Day 1
Stations CHANDERIYA Arrival 12:58 Departure 13:00 Halt 2 m Distance 122 km Day 1
Stations DET Arrival 13:09 Departure 13:10 Halt 1 m Distance 129 km Day 1
Stations GANGRAR Arrival 13:17 Departure 13:18 Halt 1 m Distance 136 km Day 1
Stations SONIYANA Arrival 13:26 Departure 13:27 Halt 1 m Distance 144 km Day 1
Stations HAMIRGARH Arrival 13:35 Departure 13:36 Halt 1 m Distance 150 km Day 1
Stations MANDPIYA Arrival 13:45 Departure 13:46 Halt 1 m Distance 159 km Day 1
Stations BHILWARA Arrival 14:00 Departure 14:05 Halt 5 m Distance 168 km Day 1
Stations MANDAL Arrival 14:16 Departure 14:17 Halt 1 m Distance 179 km Day 1
Stations DHUWALA Arrival 14:25 Departure 14:26 Halt 1 m Distance 185 km Day 1
Stations LAMBIYA Arrival 14:35 Departure 14:36 Halt 1 m Distance 196 km Day 1
Stations RAILA ROAD Arrival 14:48 Departure 14:49 Halt 1 m Distance 202 km Day 1
Stations SARERI Arrival 14:57 Departure 14:58 Halt 1 m Distance 209 km Day 1
Stations BHOJRAS Arrival 15:08 Departure 15:09 Halt 1 m Distance 219 km Day 1
Stations RUPAHELI Arrival 15:15 Departure 15:16 Halt 1 m Distance 222 km Day 1
Stations GULABPURA Arrival 15:25 Departure 15:26 Halt 1 m Distance 232 km Day 1
Stations BIJAINAGAR Arrival 15:38 Departure 15:40 Halt 2 m Distance 235 km Day 1
Stations MOKHAMPURA Arrival 15:49 Departure 15:50 Halt 1 m Distance 241 km Day 1
Stations SINGWAL Arrival 15:57 Departure 15:58 Halt 1 m Distance 247 km Day 1
Stations BANDANWARA Arrival 16:07 Departure 16:08 Halt 1 m Distance 257 km Day 1
Stations JHARWASAA Arrival 16:17 Departure 16:18 Halt 1 m Distance 265 km Day 1
Stations NASIRABAD Arrival 16:32 Departure 16:34 Halt 2 m Distance 277 km Day 1
Stations RAJOSI Arrival 16:44 Departure 16:45 Halt 1 m Distance 282 km Day 1
Stations HATUNDI Arrival 16:53 Departure 16:54 Halt 1 m Distance 290 km Day 1
Stations ADARSHNAGAR Arrival 17:19 Departure 17:20 Halt 1 m Distance 295 km Day 1
Stations AJMER Arrival 18:05 Departure 18:35 Halt 0 m Distance 300 km Day 1
Stations MADAR JN Arrival 18:50 Departure Ends Halt - Distance 306 km Day 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What time UDZ-MDJN PASSENGER depart from UDAIPUR CITY Railway Station?

UDZ-MDJN PASSENGER (59604) departs from UDAIPUR CITY Railway Station at 09:30.

How much time UDZ-MDJN PASSENGER take to reach MADAR JN Railway Station?

UDZ-MDJN PASSENGER reach on day 1 to MADAR JN Railway Station. The arrival time of UDZ-MDJN PASSENGER at MADAR JN Railway Station is 18:50.

Distance covered by UDZ-MDJN PASSENGER?

UDZ-MDJN PASSENGER covers 306 km to reach MADAR JN Railway Station at average speed of 33 km/hr. UDZ-MDJN PASSENGER passes through 39 stations.

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