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Indian Railways, often described as the "transport lifeline of the nation", is the fourth largest railway network in the world, has over 70,000 passenger coaches and more than 11,000 locomotives. From suburbs to urban transit, the Indian rail network covers the length and breadth of the country. To make your journeys easier and memorable, NDTV Rail Beeps will help you track train numbers and names, PNR statuses, Live Train Running Status and information about Train Between Stations at the click of a button.

The services offered by NDTV Rail Beeps are in real time and detailed.

To track Live PNR Status, all you need to do is to enter your PNR number on the search bar of the page. It will then reflect the PNR status of your ticket.

The PNR status has information about the booking status - Confirmed, Waiting list (WL) or Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) - apart from basic information on arrival and departure time of trains. The PNR status also has details of the coach and seat number and the amount paid by the passenger, among other details.

The LIVE Train Running Status can be checked on the page. With LIVE Train Running Status enquiry one can find the current train running status, train running information, the current location of your train, its late status, the platform number it arrives at and expected time of arrival and departure.

Another exclusive feature on NDTV Rail beeps is that it helps you track Trains Between Stations on the page, where it offers details on the number of trains running between the stations, its operative days, timings (departure and arrival time) and total travel time among other details.

With the increasing demand of getting information at one’s fingertips, NDTV Rail Beeps is the single stop for all train-related enquires and that too in a simple and completely hassle-free way.

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