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ALD OKHA SPL (09572) Route, Time Table, Schedule

Number 09572
Destination OKHA (OKHA)

09572 Ald Okha Spl is a Special (SPECIAL) which is running between Allahabad Jn (ALD) and Okha (OKHA). Ald Okha Spl covers total journey of 1963 kilometers. At 16:00 it departs from Allahabad Jn and at 11:00 it arrives at Okha. 09572 Ald Okha Spl has total 29 stopping station like SAWAI MADHOPUR (SWM), RATLAM JN (RTM), WANKANER JN (WKR) etc. between both source and destination stations. Check here 09572 Running status

Train Avg. speed 46 km/hr Journey Distance 1963Km. Train Travel Time 43 Hr . Type of Train SPECIAL (SPECIAL) Train Running schedule 1 day in Week (Tue)

ALD OKHA SPL - 09572 Train Schedule

Stations Arrival Departure Halt Distance Day
Stations ALLAHABAD JN Arrival starts Departure 16:00 Halt - Distance - Day 1
Stations KANPUR CENTRAL Arrival 20:10 Departure 20:15 Halt 5 m Distance 194 km Day 1
Stations TUNDLA JN Arrival 00:25 Departure 00:30 Halt 5 m Distance 476 km Day 2
Stations AGRA FORT Arrival 01:20 Departure 01:25 Halt 5 m Distance 499 km Day 2
Stations BAYANA JN Arrival 03:30 Departure 03:35 Halt 5 m Distance 583 km Day 2
Stations SHRI MAHABIRJI Arrival 05:00 Departure 05:02 Halt 2 m Distance 626 km Day 2
Stations GANGAPUR CITY Arrival 05:35 Departure 05:37 Halt 2 m Distance 660 km Day 2
Stations SAWAI MADHOPUR Arrival 06:40 Departure 06:45 Halt 5 m Distance 724 km Day 2
Stations LAKHERI Arrival 07:50 Departure 07:52 Halt 2 m Distance 771 km Day 2
Stations KOTA JN Arrival 08:55 Departure 09:00 Halt 5 m Distance 832 km Day 2
Stations RAMGANJ MANDI Arrival 10:30 Departure 10:32 Halt 2 m Distance 904 km Day 2
Stations BHAWANI MANDI Arrival 11:00 Departure 11:05 Halt 5 m Distance 932 km Day 2
Stations VIKRAMGARH ALOT Arrival 12:00 Departure 12:12 Halt 12 m Distance 1017 km Day 2
Stations NAGDA JN Arrival 13:30 Departure 13:32 Halt 2 m Distance 1057 km Day 2
Stations RATLAM JN Arrival 14:45 Departure 14:55 Halt 10 m Distance 1101 km Day 2
Stations DAHOD Arrival 17:00 Departure 17:02 Halt 2 m Distance 1216 km Day 2
Stations GODHRA JN Arrival 19:00 Departure 19:02 Halt 2 m Distance 1291 km Day 2
Stations VADODARA JN Arrival 20:25 Departure 20:45 Halt 20 m Distance 1365 km Day 2
Stations AHMEDABAD JN Arrival 01:00 Departure 01:20 Halt 20 m Distance 1464 km Day 3
Stations VIRAMGAM JN Arrival 02:15 Departure 02:20 Halt 5 m Distance 1530 km Day 3
Stations SURENDRANAGAR Arrival 03:15 Departure 03:17 Halt 2 m Distance 1594 km Day 3
Stations WANKANER JN Arrival 04:13 Departure 04:15 Halt 2 m Distance 1669 km Day 3
Stations RAJKOT JN Arrival 05:20 Departure 05:30 Halt 10 m Distance 1710 km Day 3
Stations JAMNAGAR Arrival 07:58 Departure 08:00 Halt 2 m Distance 1795 km Day 3
Stations KANALAS JN Arrival 08:28 Departure 08:30 Halt 2 m Distance 1822 km Day 3
Stations KHAMBHALIYA Arrival 08:55 Departure 08:57 Halt 2 m Distance 1850 km Day 3
Stations BHATIYA Arrival 09:33 Departure 09:35 Halt 2 m Distance 1892 km Day 3
Stations DWARKA Arrival 10:10 Departure 10:12 Halt 2 m Distance 1934 km Day 3
Stations OKHA Arrival 11:00 Departure Ends Halt - Distance 1963 km Day 3

Frequently Asked Questions

What time ALD OKHA SPL depart from ALLAHABAD JN Railway Station?

ALD OKHA SPL (09572) departs from ALLAHABAD JN Railway Station at 16:00.

How much time ALD OKHA SPL take to reach OKHA Railway Station?

ALD OKHA SPL reach on day 3 to OKHA Railway Station. The arrival time of ALD OKHA SPL at OKHA Railway Station is 11:00.

Distance covered by ALD OKHA SPL?

ALD OKHA SPL covers 1963 km to reach OKHA Railway Station at average speed of 46 km/hr. ALD OKHA SPL passes through 29 stations.

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