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Ukraine Crisis Live: Russia Says "First Day Successful" After Declaring War On Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine Crisis Updates: Russian air strikes hit military installations across the country as ground forces moved in from the north, south and east, forcing many Ukrainians to flee their homes to the sounds of bombing.

Ukraine Crisis Live: Russia Says 'First Day Successful' After Declaring War On Ukraine

Ukraine crisis: Russian air strikes hit military installations across the country today (File)

New Delhi:

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, unleashing air strikes and ordering ground troops across the border in fighting that Ukrainian authorities said left dozens of people dead.

The attack triggered Western warnings of unprecedented sanctions against Russia as NATO, EU and G7 leaders condemned the invasion and vowed to hold Moscow accountable.

Weeks of intense diplomacy failed to deter Putin, who amassed over 150,000 troops on Ukraine's borders in what the West said was the biggest military build-up in Europe since World War II.

"I have decided to proceed with a special military operation," Putin said in a surprise statement on television shortly before 6 am.

Shortly afterwards, the first bombardments were heard in Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, and several other cities.

Russian air strikes hit military installations across the country as ground forces moved in from the north, south and east, forcing many Ukrainians to flee their homes to the sounds of bombing.

Fighting was also seen raging in Chernobyl near the nuclear facility where the 1986 reactor blast leaked radiation, after which Ukraine reported that Russian troops captured the Chernobyl power plant.

Russia's Defence Ministry said its first day of the Ukraine invasion was "successful" hours after announcing it had destroyed 74 above-ground military infrastructure facilities, including 11 aerodromes. Ukrainian police said Russia had carried out 203 attacks since the beginning of the day.

PM Modi spoke to Putin today regarding the crisis and called for an immediate end to violence.

Here are the live updates on the Russia-Ukraine crisis:

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Feb 25, 2022 05:48 (IST)
Ukraine President Says "Left Alone" To Fight Against Russian Offensive
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky said Thursday his country was "left alone" to fight Russia after the Kremlin launched a large-scale invasion.
Feb 25, 2022 04:46 (IST)
Ukraine's President Says 137 Dead After First Day Of Fighting

President Volodymyr Zelensky said 137 Ukrainians died Thursday after his country came under a large-scale attack from Russian forces."Today we have lost 137 of our heroes, our citizens. Military and civilian," Zelensky said in a video address, adding that another 316 people had been injured. 
Feb 25, 2022 02:47 (IST)
In Call With Macron, Putin's "Exhaustive Explanation" On Ukraine Invasion
Russian leader Vladimir Putin held a "frank" phone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron Thursday, the Kremlin said, after Moscow sent troops to invade its pro-Western neighbour Ukraine.
Feb 25, 2022 02:28 (IST)
Some 100,000 displaced in Ukraine, thousands flee abroad, says UN
The UN refugee agency said around 100,000 people had fled their homes in Ukraine and several thousand more had left the country since neighbouring Russia invaded early Thursday.

"We believe that some 100,000 people must have already left their homes and may be displaced inside the country, and several thousand have crossed international borders," UNHCR spokeswoman Shabia Mantoo told news agency AFP.
Feb 25, 2022 02:26 (IST)
Vladimir Putin, France's Macron discuss Russian 'military operation' in Ukraine, says Kremlin
The leaders had a "serious and frank exchange of views" about Ukraine and Putin gave an "exhaustive explanation of the reasons and circumstances behind the decision to conduct a special military operation" there, the Kremlin said in a statement. 

Feb 25, 2022 02:25 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Russian Restores Water Flow To Canal Linking Ukraine River With Annexed Crimea
Russian forces restored water flow to a canal linking the Dnieper River in Ukraine to Russian-annexed Crimea, a Russian defence ministry spokesperson said on Thursday, as Russia pressed ahead with a vast military operation against Ukraine.

Feb 25, 2022 02:24 (IST)
Biden Announces Sanctions Against Russia, Says No Plans To Talk With Putin
US President Joe Biden on Thursday announced severe new sanctions on Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine, including freezing assets of major banks and cutting off high-tech exports to the country.

Feb 25, 2022 02:23 (IST)
UK Imposes Unprecedented Sanctions On Russia After Ukraine Invasion
Britain on Thursday imposed a biting package of sanctions on Russia that Prime Minister Boris Johnson said would degrade its economy "for years to come", as he slammed President Vladimir Putin in unusually personal terms.

Feb 25, 2022 02:23 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine crisis: Russian Transport Plane Crashes Amid Ukraine Crisis, Crew Killed
A Russian AN-26 military transport aircraft crashed in Russia's southern Voronezh region on Thursday, killing its crew on board, Interfax news agency quoted Russian military officials as saying.

Feb 25, 2022 02:22 (IST)
US To Add 7,000 Troops In Germany Over Russian Threat: Pentagon
The United States will deploy 7,000 more troops to Europe, to be based in Germany, in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Pentagon announced Thursday.

Feb 25, 2022 02:21 (IST)
US Expels Russian Diplomat In Tit-For-Tat Move Amid Ukraine Crisis
The United States has expelled Russia's number two diplomat in Washington in a tit-for-tat move after Moscow's expulsion of a senior US envoy, a State Department official said Thursday.

Feb 25, 2022 02:21 (IST)
Choppers Bombing, Firing Machine Guns - How Russia Began Ukraine Offensive
The Russian forces came in shooting as they dropped from the open doors of helicopters to gain control of a strategic airport on the edge of Kyiv.

Feb 25, 2022 02:20 (IST)
Ukraine's Army No Match For Russia In Manpower, Weapons, Experience
Ukrainian forces are defending against an invasion on three sides by a Russian military that is bigger, better armed and steeped in recent combat experience from Syria's civil war.
Feb 24, 2022 23:40 (IST)
Over 700 Detained At Anti-War Protests Across Russia
Russian police have detained more than 700 people at anti-war protests across dozens of cities after President Vladimir Putin sent troops to invade Ukraine, an independent monitor said Thursday.

Around 2,000 people gathered near Pushkin Square in central Moscow, while up to 1,000 people gathered in the former imperial capital Saint Petersburg, according to AFP correspondents at the scene.

The invasion of Ukraine is taking place during an unprecedented crackdown on the Russian opposition, with most protest leaders assassinated, jailed or forced out of the country.
Feb 24, 2022 23:30 (IST)
Russian Troops Capture Chernobyl Power Plant
The Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been captured by Russian forces, an adviser to the Ukrainian presidential office, Mykhailo Podolyak, said on Thursday.

"It is impossible to say the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is safe after a totally pointless attack by the Russians," he said.

"This is one of the most serious threats in Europe today," Podolyak said.
Feb 24, 2022 22:56 (IST)
South Ukraine region says 13 civilians, 9 troops killed
Russian armoured columns from Crimea pushed deep into the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson on the first day of their invasion Thursday, triggering fighting that left at least 13 civilians dead.

Nine Ukrainian soldiers were also killed, the Kherson regional administration said, as the Russian force seized crossing points from Crimea to the mainland and a crossing over the Dnipro river.
Feb 24, 2022 22:47 (IST)
External Affairs Minister Jaishankar to speak to Foreign ministers of Eastern European countries over Russia's Ukraine invasion
Amid Russia's ongoing military operations in Ukraine, External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar will speak to Foreign ministers of Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, said Foreign Secretary Harsh V Shringla on Thursday. 

"External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar will speak to Foreign ministers of Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary," said Mr Shringla during a special briefing on the Ukraine situation. He will also speak to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister.

He further said that number of steps have been taken to deal with the emerging situation in Ukraine.

Highlighting the steps taken by the government for facilitating the return of Indians from Ukraine, he said, "We started the registration of Indian nationals in Ukraine about a month ago. Based on online registration, we found that 20,000 Indian nationals were there."

"4000 Indian nationals have already left Ukraine in the past few days. The MEA control room in Delhi has got 980 calls and 850 emails, he added.
Feb 24, 2022 22:46 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine War: Pune Sets Up Control Room For Indian Students Stuck In Ukraine
The Pune district administration has set up a control room to help students and others from the district who are stranded in Ukraine. 

Such people or their families can contact 202-26123371 or write to '', said district collector Rajesh Deshmukh.
Feb 24, 2022 22:37 (IST)
Air India flight to Ukraine returned after "things escalated", will fly back when air-space opens again, says Aviation Minister
Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia on Thursday said an Air India flight which took off from Delhi to bring back Indian citizens from Ukraine has returned mid-air after the "things escalated" there, adding that, flights from India to Ukraine will again fly, once the air-space of the concerned country opens up.

"Flights were flown for Ukraine earlier. Today also flights were flown to Ukraine but after 3 hours when things started escalating those flights came back. Whenever the air-space will open, we'll fly the flights again," said Scindia.

"We have been told that the airspace is complete as notice to airmen (NOTAM) has been issued," he added.

The Union Minister assured that the Indian government is committed to the safety and security of Indians in Ukraine.

"On the matter of Indians in Ukraine, I held a discussion with the Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar. We are keeping an eye on the entire situation," he said.
Feb 24, 2022 22:35 (IST)
At least 10 students from Karnataka stranded in Ukraine: CM Bommai
Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Thursday said at least ten students of the state are stranded in Ukraine, and the government is working with the Indian Embassy there and Ministry of External Affairs to bring them back home safely.

He said that he will also be speaking to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in this regard.

Later in the day, the state government issued a notification appointing senior IFS officer Manoj Rajan, Commissioner, Karnataka State Disaster Management Authority, Revenue Department (Disaster Management), as the Nodal Officer to facilitate safe movement of stranded people/students from Karnataka in Ukraine to their respective destinations, and has set up 24/7 Helpline for this purpose.

"At the time when war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, about hundred Indian students were on their way to the airport in two buses and got stranded, as the flights could not land. More than 10 are from Karnataka, we are gathering information about them," Mr Bommai said.
Feb 24, 2022 22:27 (IST)
Putin Says "No Other Way" To Defend Russia Other Than Invading Ukraine
President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he had no other option but to order what he has called a special operation against Ukraine, saying all of Moscow's previous attempts to change the security situation had come to nothing.
Feb 24, 2022 22:03 (IST)
Russia Vows "Tough" Retaliation To EU's "Unfriendly" Sanctions
Moscow vowed Thursday to respond in kind to "unfriendly" European Union sanctions imposed over Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Feb 24, 2022 21:59 (IST)
WHO expresses concern over potential humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine
The World Health Organization expressed concern on Thursday over an expected health emergency in Ukraine after Russian forces invaded the country.

"Amid the conflict rapidly unfolding in Ukraine, the WHO Regional Office for Europe reiterates its deepest concern for the safety, health and wellbeing of all civilians impacted by the crisis in the country and possibly beyond," its regional office for Europe said in a statement, adding any further escalation could result in a humanitarian catastrophe.

"WHO/Europe is working closely with all UN partners in rapidly scaling up readiness to respond to the expected health emergency triggered by the conflict, protecting our staff, and minimizing disruptions to the delivery of critical health care services," it said.
Feb 24, 2022 21:46 (IST)
Russia intends to 'decapitate' Ukraine government, says US
The Russian invasion of Ukraine intends to remove the country's government and install new leadership allied to Moscow, a senior US defense official said Thursday.

The Russian military opened its attack with around 100 ballistic missile launches mainly targeting military infrastructure facilities, as well as sorties by 75 heavy and medium bombers, the official said.

The initial phase is focused on key cities and the Pentagon expects the Russians to move on the capital Kyiv, according to the official, speaking on grounds of anonymity.

"They have every intention of basically decapitating the government and installing their own means of governance," the official said.
Feb 24, 2022 21:39 (IST)
Can hear blast sound from hostel; long queues at ATMs, shopping malls: Agra students in Ukraine
Amid the ongoing Russian military operation in Ukraine, students from Agra studying in the Odessa National Medical University of the Eastern European country Thursday appealed to the Indian government to bring them home safely and quickly.

Their family members have also requested for the safe evacuation of their children.

Shekhar Bendol (26), a fourth year MBBS student at Odessa National Medical University, said that due to the "delay in advisory and the cancellation of flights and increase in price of flight tickets I was not able to leave Ukraine earlier".

"Now the situation is very tense, because one can hear bomb blast sound from the hostel," he added.

He said people there are just too worried. "One can spot long queues at ATMs and shopping marts. I would request the Indian government to help us in coming back to India." Rajat Singh (25), who is pursuing MBBS from the same university, was also worried due to the escalating tension.

His parents informed that they are in constant touch with him over video calls.
Feb 24, 2022 21:21 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine Capital Kyiv Declares Curfew Following Russian Invasion
Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko on Thursday announced an overnight curfew in Ukraine's capital as the country battled to repel a Russian invasion.
Feb 24, 2022 21:21 (IST)
In phone call, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, UK Foreign Secretary talk Ukraine
External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar on Thursday spoke with UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and exchanged perspectives on the Ukrainian situation.

"A telephonic discussion with UK Foreign Secretary @trussliz. Exchanged perspectives on the Ukrainian situation," Dr Jaishankar tweeted.

Earlier, Dr Jaishankar also spoke with EU Foreign Policy chief Josep Borrell Fontelles and discussed the grave situation in Ukraine and how India could contribute to de-escalation efforts.

Meanwhile, Indian Embassy on Thursday issued a third travel advisory to Indian nationals/students.
Feb 24, 2022 20:58 (IST)
Russian troops breach area near Chernobyl, Ukraine troops fighting to prevent repeat of disaster, says Ukraine
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Thursday Kyiv's forces were fighting invading Russian troops for control of the Chernobyl plant, the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster.

"Russian occupying forces are trying to take over the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Our soldiers are giving their lives so that the tragedy of 1986 does not happen again," he wrote on Twitter, referring to the date of the disaster.

He called the attack "a declaration of war on all of Europe".

Russian troops from the direction of Belarus entered an area near the former nuclear power plant Chernobyl on Thursday, an adviser to Ukraine's interior minister said, as fighting continued across the country.

The mayor of the capital, Kyiv, said four metro stations would be used as air raid shelters, while the local Ukrainian leadership in the Donetsk region said Russian forces had hit a hospital there, killing four people.
Feb 24, 2022 20:37 (IST)
Just In | Indian government teams head to land borders of Ukraine to help evacuate Indians.
Feb 24, 2022 20:36 (IST)
Russia, Ukraine Forces Battle For Airbase On Kyiv Outskirts
Russian and Ukrainian forces are battling for control of an airbase on the northern outskirts of Kyiv, a senior Ukrainian officer said Thursday, as dozens of attack helicopters swooped on the area. Read more here.
Feb 24, 2022 20:28 (IST)
203 Attacks By Russia Today, Says Ukraine: 5 Latest War Developments
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an attack on Ukraine shortly before 8:30 am Indian time, saying the military operation was to defend separatists in the east from "genocide". Dozens have been reported dead on both sides. Read more here.
Feb 24, 2022 20:27 (IST)
Feb 24, 2022 19:59 (IST)
Moscow Warns Legal Consequences For Russians Joining Anti-War Protests
Russian authorities on Thursday warned anti-war sympathisers from gathering for protests, after President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine.

The Investigative Committee, a government body that investigates major crimes, warned Russians of legal repercussions for joining unsanctioned protests related to "the tense foreign political situation".

It said it was responding to social media calls to protest against Putin's decision to attack Ukraine.

"One should be aware of the negative legal consequences of these actions in the form of prosecution up to criminal liability," it said.
Feb 24, 2022 19:50 (IST)
PM Modi Will Speak To Russia's Putin Tonight On Ukraine Crisis
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently meeting key ministers of his cabinet to discuss the economic impact of the Russia-Ukraine crisis and ways to mitigate the impact of rising crude oil prices. 

He will reportedly speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin tonight.
Feb 24, 2022 19:49 (IST)
Ukraine International Airlines suspends flights amid closure of its airspace
Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) on Thursday announced the suspension of scheduled and charter flights to/from Ukraine due to the closure of its airspace for civilian airspace users until 23:59 pm (Kiev time).

UIA maintains and will maintain liaison with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, read Ukraine International Airlines statement.

The statement advised all passengers and citizens of Ukraine who are abroad and planning to return to Ukraine.

They must register on the state website of the State Registration of Ukrainian Citizens. Registered citizens will be provided with information about flights to these points and to points of arrival in Ukraine, added the statement.
Feb 24, 2022 19:48 (IST)
Will be 'tightrope walk' for India diplomatically: Ex-diplomats on Russia's Ukraine invasion
Advocating a wait and watch approach for India on the Ukraine conflict, former Indian diplomats on Thursday said New Delhi has to "walk a tightrope" diplomatically as Moscow has been its "steadfast partner" for decades.

Russia launched a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine on Thursday, triggering serious concerns over the possibility of a full-scale military confrontation between the two countries.

G Parthasarathy, who has been India's envoy in several countries including Pakistan, said it is a "complicated situation" for India and the government will have to take a close call.

"My own hunch is that this will come to a vote in the UN Security Council. It remains to be seen whether we oppose or abstain," he told PTI.
Feb 24, 2022 19:40 (IST)
Russia says destroyed over 70 military targets, including 11 airfields, in Ukraine
Russia said Thursday that its military had destroyed more than 70 military targets including 11 airfields in Ukraine.

"As a result of strikes carried out by the Russian armed forces, 74 Ukrainian military ground facilities were destroyed," said Igor Konashenkov, a defence ministry spokesman, specifying that destroyed facilities included 11 airfields. He said a Ukrainian military helicopter and four drones had also been shot down.

Feb 24, 2022 19:39 (IST)
Sanctions to 'dramatically limit' Russian access to EU, US markets: Germany
Western allies will unleash sanctions that will drastically restrict Russia's access to the European and American markets, Germany's vice chancellor said Thursday, after Russia invaded Ukraine.

The "strong sanctions package" will "cut off the Russian economy from industrial progress, will attack and freeze assets and financial holdings, and will dramatically limit access to the European and American markets," said Robert Habeck. 

Feb 24, 2022 19:35 (IST)
"This Is Not A Meme": Ukraine Tweets Hitler-Putin Cartoon Amid War
The war between Russia and Ukraine are being played out, not just in the battlefield but on social media as well. As Russian missile rained from the sky and tanks crossed its border, the official Twitter account of Ukraine posted a caricature which shows Nazi leader Adolf Hitler smiling down on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The cartoon on Ukraine crisis has been posted without any text, but just with the words "official website" stamped on it. Both Putin and Hitler are looking at each other affectionately, with the Nazi leader's hand on Russian President's cheek.
Feb 24, 2022 19:24 (IST)
Maharashtra Chief Minister asks officials to coordinate with MEA 'for safe return' of Indians in Ukraine
Amid ongoing Russian military operations in Ukraine, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Thursday expressed concern over the safety of people, who have gone from Maharashtra for industry, education and business.

As per an official statement from Chief Minister's Secretariat, the Chief Minister has instructed the Chief Secretary to coordinate with the Central Government and keep in touch with them.

The Chief Minister has also asked the administration to coordinate with the Centre on priorirty over the safety of students and other people from Maharashtra who are in Ukraine and "bring them back safely to the state."

Mr Thackeray has instructed the administration to coordinate with the Ministry of External Affairs to see what arrangements are being made for the citizens of Maharashtra.
Feb 24, 2022 18:59 (IST)
Biden meets with G7, addresses US on response to Russia
US President Joe Biden was meeting with G7 allies Thursday to hammer out a raft of new sanctions against Russia after it invaded Ukraine, and will later speak to the American people on a crisis that he warns will cause "catastrophic loss of life."

The virtual, closed-door meeting of G7 leaders -- Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States -- was set to start at 9:00 am (1400 GMT), with Biden's White House speech scheduled for early afternoon.

For weeks, as Russia built up tens of thousands of troops and heavy weapons on Ukraine's border, Biden has led NATO and other European allies in trying to craft a package of what Washington says are "unprecedented" sanctions as a deterrent.
Feb 24, 2022 18:46 (IST)
Russia detains opposition activist who called for anti-war protests in Moscow
A Russian opposition activist who called for anti-war protests after Russia launched a massive military operation against Ukraine told Reuters that she had been detained by police on Thursday.

"I was detained on my way out of the house," Marina Litvinovich, the Moscow-based activist, wrote on Telegram. She confirmed her detention separately in a message to Reuters.

Litvinovich called on Russians earlier to gather in protest in various Russian cities on Thursday evening.
Feb 24, 2022 18:45 (IST)
Heard 4-5 Blasts, Friends Were Crying: Indian Student Junaid Khan In Ukraine To NDTV
On Thursday morning, Junaid Khan, an Indian student in Ukraine, was buying groceries when he heard a blast. As tension rapidly escalated, he learnt that his flight to India had been cancelled. 

"When I spoke to my friends in Kyiv, I could hear four or five blasts. They were in panic and crying," Junaid told NDTV from the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia.

"I really hope that Indians are evacuated. I don't know if you know this but two major cities of Ukraine have been taken over by the Russian army. We are actually scared...patrolling is going on," he said.

The third year medical student was supposed to take a flight to Delhi on Sunday along with a few others. Continue reading here.
Feb 24, 2022 18:43 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Need Bomb Shelters? Google Them, Says Indian Embassy In Ukraine
As Russia invaded Ukraine, the Indian Embassy at 5 pm issued its third advisory since this morning on guidelines for Indians. "We are aware that certain places are hearing air sirens/bomb warnings. In case you are faced with such a situation, google maps has a list of nearby bomb shelters, many of which are located in underground metros," the embassy said. For those in Kyiv, the official link from Kyiv city administration is here, the embassy said.

There are approximately 18,000 Indians in Ukraine, many of them students. An Air India flight sent for evacuation took off  at 7:30 am but had to return after Ukraine closed its airspace for commercial flights.
Feb 24, 2022 18:25 (IST)
Macron vows response 'without weakness' to Russia's 'act of war'
French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday warned Russia of an uncompromising response to its attack on Ukraine, which he described as a turning point in European history.

"We will respond without weakness to this act of war, with calm, determination and unity," Macron said in an address to the nation, adding that the events were a "turning point in the history of Europe and our country" that would have "deep and lasting consequences for our lives".

Feb 24, 2022 18:13 (IST)
Ukraine military plane with 14 aboard crashes near Kyiv, reports news agency AFP
A Ukrainian military plane with 14 people aboard crashed south of Kyiv on Thursday, the emergencies service said.

The service said it was "still determining how many people died." The incident occurred about 20 kilometres (12 miles) south of Kyiv, amid reports of several locations around the city coming under attack.
Feb 24, 2022 17:41 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine Crisis: NATO Chief Says No Plans To Send Troops To Ukraine
NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that the alliance had no intention to send forces into Ukraine after Russia invaded its pro-Western neighbour.

"We don't have NATO troops in Ukraine, and we don't have any plans to send NATO troops into Ukraine," Stoltenberg told a media conference after an emergency meeting of the alliance's ambassadors. 
Feb 24, 2022 17:24 (IST)
Russian helicopters attack military airport near Kyiv, say Ukrainian officials
Russian helicopters on Thursday attacked Gostomel, a military airport near the capital of Kyiv, and Ukraine downed three of them, Ukrainian officials said.

Ukrainian border officials said that the Russian military was trying to penetrate into Ukraine's Kyiv region and its Zhytomyr region on the Belarusian border and that Russia was using Grad rocket systems.
Feb 24, 2022 17:19 (IST)
Russia Acting Like "Nazi Germany": Ukraine President On Moscow's Invasion
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday compared Russia's invasion of his country to military campaigns carried out by Nazi Germany during World War II.

"Russia has attacked Ukraine in a cowardly and suicidal way, like Nazi Germany did during World War II," the Ukrainian president said in an online briefing, during which he called on Ukrainians to "go out" and "protest against this war".
Feb 24, 2022 17:18 (IST)
Advisory to all Indian Nationals/Students in Ukraine
Click here for Kyiv City administration's bomb shelter resources. 
Feb 24, 2022 17:10 (IST)
Israel condemns Russian invasion as breach of world 'order'
Israel condemned Russia's attack on Ukraine Thursday as a "violation of the international order" but underlined its close ties with both Moscow and Kyiv.

"The Russian attack on Ukraine is a serious violation of the international order," Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said, adding that Israel "condemns" the assault.

But Lapid also noted that "Israel has deep, long-lasting and good relations with Russia and with Ukraine," and that "hundreds of thousands of Jews" live in both countries.

"Maintaining their security and safety is at the top of our considerations," Lapid said.

Israel has sought to maintain a diplomatic balance through the deepening crisis.
Feb 24, 2022 17:00 (IST)
NATO calls virtual summit on Russian invasion of Ukraine
NATO will hold a virtual summit Friday on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, diplomats told AFP, as the alliance announced after an emergency meeting that "additional steps" were being taken to protect member countries.

"We have decided, in line with our defensive planning to protect all Allies, to take additional steps to further strengthen deterrence and defence across the Alliance. Our measures are and remain preventive, proportionate and non-escalatory," NATO said in a statement.

A diplomat told AFP that "extra defensive land and air forces are going to be deployed to the alliance's eastern flank, and there will be added naval measures".

The developments were announced after an emergency meeting of ambassadors of NATO's 30 member states hours after Russia carried out air and missile strikes on Ukraine and sent in tanks and soldiers.
Feb 24, 2022 16:56 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine War: Kremlin Expects Russians To Support Military Operation In Ukraine
The Kremlin said Thursday it believes Russians will "support" Moscow's military operation in Ukraine, saying the duration of the mission will depend on "results" and will last as long as necessary.
Feb 24, 2022 16:56 (IST)
National Emergency To Come In This Country Over Russia's Ukraine Invasion
EU and NATO member Lithuania said on Thursday it would impose a state of emergency after the Russian army's air and ground attack on Ukraine. Read more here.
Feb 24, 2022 16:49 (IST)
Kerala Chief Minister writes to MEA, requests arrangements for Indian students to return from Ukraine
Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Thursday wrote a letter to the Union External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar asking him to ensure the safety of Indian students and requested to make necessary arrangements for their return by arranging special flights.

According to the Kerala CM, there are 2,320 students from Kerala in Ukraine. He also urged the MEA to take immediate steps for the repatriation of the students.

Taking to Twitter, CM Vijayan wrote, "Sent a letter to Union External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar for immediate intervention to ensure the safety of Indian students in Ukraine of which 2,320 are Malayalees. Demanded that steps be taken to repatriate them as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, Congress general secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala on Thursday slammed the Centre for not making timely arrangements to bring back the Indian students stuck in Ukraine.
Feb 24, 2022 16:44 (IST)
18 people killed in Ukraine's Odessa in missile attack, say regional authorities
Regional authorities of Ukraine's southern Odessa region said on Thursday that 18 people were killed in a missile attack.

At least six people were killed in Ukraine's town of Brovary, located near the capital of Kyiv, authorities from the town said.
Feb 24, 2022 16:35 (IST)
Polish hospitals prepare for possible admission of wounded Ukrainians
Polish hospitals are preparing beds for a possible admissions of wounded people from Ukraine, the health ministry said on Thursday after Russia invaded Poland's eastern neighbour.

"Poland is preparing to accept migrants from Ukraine, including Ukrainian citizens affected by the armed conflict," the ministry said in an email to Reuters.

"We will do everything to ensure that every person who enters the territory of Poland has access to healthcare, including hospitalisation. Beds are being prepared in hospitals for the admission of the wounded."
Feb 24, 2022 16:31 (IST)
Leaving behind possessions and pets, Ukrainians flee to Poland
 Ukrainians fleeing a Russian invasion have started trickling into Poland, with dozens arriving at the normally quiet Medyka crossing on Thursday, some carrying luggage and accompanied by children.

Officials in European Union countries bordering Ukraine, including Romania and Slovakia, said there was no big influx of refugees for now, but local media and witnesses said foot traffic was increasing.

Alexander Bazhanov fled his home in eastern Ukraine with his wife and young child, taking only what they could carry and walking the final part of their journey into Poland.

The 34-year-old technical manager from Mariupol, 113 km (70 miles) from Donetsk, decided to cross into Poland when he learned the war had started from a colleague.

"I don't have any feelings other than that I am very scared," Bazhanov said at the pedestrian border crossing, about 400 km from Warsaw. "I will visit my father in Spain but I don't have any money and I don't know how I will do that."

Russian forces invaded Ukraine by land, air and sea on Thursday after President Vladimir Putin authorised what he called a special military operation in the east.
Feb 24, 2022 16:27 (IST)
UK summons Russian envoy, says 'severe sanctions' coming
British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on Thursday summoned Russian ambassador Andrei Kelin to "explain Russia's illegal, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine".

"We will be imposing severe sanctions and rallying countries in support of Ukraine," she added on Twitter.
Feb 24, 2022 16:26 (IST)
PM Modi To Hold Meet This Evening On Ukraine Crisis
PM Modi will meet Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and other officials on Thursday evening to discuss the economic impact of Russia-Ukraine crisis and ways to mitigate the impact of rising crude oil prices, a government source told Reuters.
Feb 24, 2022 16:26 (IST)
"We Are All Brothers": Ukrainian And Russian Expats In Cyprus Look On In Horror
Ukrainians living alongside fellow expats from "brother" Russia in the Mediterranean seaside town of Limassol in Cyprus looked on in horror Thursday at the Russian assault on their homeland.

"This is the worst-case scenario we could have imagined. They are bombing all regions of Ukraine, attacking all our airports and bases," said Evgeny Staroselskiy, a director of Russian Radio Cyprus based in Limassol.

He said nationals from both countries had awoken in shock to hear of the full-blown conflict unfolding between Ukraine and its giant neighbour.

"A lot of people have family on both sides of the border," said the 60-year-old native of Kharkiv, a mainly Russian-speaking city in eastern Ukraine considered in the "red zone" because of its proximity to the border with Russia.
Feb 24, 2022 16:04 (IST)
Boy killed after apartment building shelled in Ukraine's Kharkiv region, reports Reuters
A boy was killed in eastern Ukraine's Kharkiv region after shelling struck an apartment building, emergency services said on Thursday.

An adviser to Ukraine's presidential office said more than 40 Ukrainian soldiers were dead and dozens wounded.
Feb 24, 2022 16:03 (IST)
Indian embassy in Ukraine says special flights for Indian nationals cancelled
The Indian embassy in Ukraine on Thursday told Indian nationals that the schedule for special flights to Kyiv were cancelled as the country's airspace was closed.

"Alternative arrangements are being made for evacuation of Indian nationals," the embassy said on Twitter.

Russian forces fired missiles at several cities in Ukraine and landed troops on its coast on Thursday, officials and media said, after President Vladimir Putin authorised what he called a special military operation.
Feb 24, 2022 15:46 (IST)
Lithuania to impose emergency following Ukraine invasion
EU and NATO member Lithuania said on Thursday it would impose a state of emergency after the Russian army's air and ground attack on Ukraine. 

"Today I will sign a decree imposing a state of emergency," Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said after a meeting of the national defence council, adding that "Lithuania would request the activation of NATO's Article 4, which provides for emergency consultations if a member of the alliance is threatened.
Feb 24, 2022 15:45 (IST)
Germany offers 'massive help' to Poland in case of Ukraine refugee influx
Germany on Thursday pledged support for its neighbours including Poland in the event of an influx of refugees as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"We are following very closely whether there will be an influx of refugees to our neighbouring countries," Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said. "We will provide massive help to the affected states -- especially our neighbour Poland -- should there be a large-scale influx."
Feb 24, 2022 15:43 (IST)
UK PM to address nation on Ukraine Thursday morning
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make a televised statement about Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Thursday morning and address parliament in the afternoon, his office said.

Johnson, who summoned his security chiefs for an early morning meeting, had vowed punishing sanctions if the Kremlin ordered its troops across the border. 

Feb 24, 2022 15:39 (IST)
More than 40 Ukraine soldiers, nearly 10 civilians killed, says Ukraine
More than 40 Ukrainian soldiers and around 10 civilians died in the first hours of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, an aide to President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters on Thursday.

"I know that more than 40 have been killed and several dozen wounded. I am aware of nearly 10 civilian losses," presidential administration aide Oleksiy Arestovych told reporters.
Feb 24, 2022 15:26 (IST)
Ukraine breaks diplomatic ties with Russia, reports AFP
Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky has called off Kyiv's diplomatic relations with Moscow in response to Russia's invasion.

"We broke off diplomatic relations with Russia," Zelensky said in a video message. It marked the first rupture in ties since Russia and Ukraine became independent countries after the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991, reports news agency AFP.
Feb 24, 2022 14:58 (IST)
Germany Says EU, NATO, G7 To Launch 'Massive Sanctions' Against Russia
Germany on Thursday said the EU, NATO and the G7 would work to hit Russia with severe sanctions after the Kremlin launched an air and ground assault on Ukraine.

"We will launch the full package with the most massive sanctions against Russia and we will strengthen our security and our allies," Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said.

Feb 24, 2022 14:49 (IST)
China Calls For Restraint In Ukraine, Rejects The Term 'Invasion'
China reiterated on Thursday a call for all parties involved in the situation in Ukraine to exercise restraint and rejected a foreign journalist's description of Russia's actions as an invasion.

The comments were made by foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying at a regular daily briefing.

Feb 24, 2022 14:41 (IST)
Ukraine Says Killed 'Around 50 Russian Occupiers'
Ukraine says killed 'around 50 Russian occupiers', reported news agency AFP.
Feb 24, 2022 14:36 (IST)
Belarus Leader Says His Army Not Taking Part In Ukraine Invasion
Belarus's leader Alexander Lukashenko said Thursday that his military is not taking part in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, state media reported.

"Our armed forces are not taking part in this operation," Lukashenko, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said. Moscow has stationed tens of thousands of troops in Belarus.

Feb 24, 2022 14:32 (IST)
Ukraine President Orders Military To 'Inflict Maximum Losses'
The head of the Ukrainian military said Thursday he had received orders from President Volodymyr Zelensky to repel a Russian invasion of his country.

"The supreme commander the Armed Forces of Ukraine gave orders to inflict maximum losses against the aggressor," Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major General Valeriy Zaluzhny said.

Feb 24, 2022 14:06 (IST)
Ukraine Death Count From Russian Invasion Rises To 3: Border Guards
The Ukrainian military death toll from the Russian invasion rose to three Thursday, the border guard service said, with confirmed losses suffered along the southern border with Kremlin-annexed Crimea.

The Russian armed forces were trying to invade Ukraine from several directions, using rocket systems and helicopters to attack Ukrainian position in the south, the border guard service said.

Feb 24, 2022 13:53 (IST)
As Air India Flight Returns, Ukraine Evacuation Options Being Worked Out
India is looking for alternative routes to evacuate its citizens living in conflict-hit Ukraine after the east European nation closed its airspace following a Russian invasion. An Air India flight going to Ukraine turned back for Delhi this morning. Flight trackers on the internet show no commercial aircraft in Ukrainian airspace as of now.

Sources said high-level meetings are going on at the Ministry of External Affairs, or MEA, to work out contingency plans and find alternate evacuation routes for thousands of Indian citizens living in Ukraine.

Feb 24, 2022 13:38 (IST)
Poland Calls For Emergency NATO Consultations

Poland on Thursday asked NATO to activate Article 4, which calls for emergency consultations if a member is threatened, after Russia launched an attack on Ukraine.

Poland's ambassador in Brussels, where NATO is based, "submitted a request to the NATO secretary general, together with a group of allies," Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller said.

Ukraine is not a NATO member, but the alliance has repeatedly condemned Russia's aggressions against its neighbour.

Feb 24, 2022 13:32 (IST)
Ukraine President Calls For European 'Unity' In Call With France's Macron
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday called for European "unity" in a call with French President Emmanuel Macron after his country came under Russian attack, Macron's office said.

Zelensky also called for "many interventions" to aid Ukraine, while Macron assured Ukraine of France's "support and solidarity," it said.

Feb 24, 2022 13:31 (IST)
Macron Summons French Defence Council On Ukraine: Presidency
President Emmanuel Macron has summoned the French defence council early Thursday in response to Russian attacks on Ukraine, his office said.

The gathering of the council, headed by Macron and featuring a small number of key ministers, is to start at 9:00 am (0800 GMT), the Elysee said.

Feb 24, 2022 13:26 (IST)
Russia Faces 'Unprecedented Isolation' Over Ukraine Attack: European Union
Russia faces "unprecedented isolation" over its attack on Ukraine and will be hit with the "harshest sanctions" the EU has ever imposed, the bloc's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Thursday.

"This is not a question of blocs. This is not a question of diplomatic power games. It's a matter of life and death. It is about the future of our global community," he said in a broadcast statement.

Feb 24, 2022 13:19 (IST)
China Says 'Closely Watching' Ukraine Situation After Russian Attack
China says 'closely watching' Ukraine situation after Russian attack, reported news agency AFP.
Feb 24, 2022 13:17 (IST)
Ukraine Border Guards Report First Death From Russian Invasion
Ukraine border guards report first death from Russian invasion, reported news agency AFP.
Feb 24, 2022 13:14 (IST)
Moscow Says Closing Shipping In Azov Sea Between Ukraine, Russia

Russia on Thursday said it closed shipping in the Azov Sea, which lies between Russia and Ukraine, after President Vladimir Putin launched an attack on Ukraine, agencies reported.

"In connection with the conduct of anti-terrorist activities, shipping in the Azov Sea is suspended from 4.00 am (0100 GMT) on February 24 until further notice," a representative of the Federal Agency for Maritime Transport Rosmorrechflot told Russian agencies.

Feb 24, 2022 13:11 (IST)
Macron Condemns Russia's Decision To 'Wage War On Ukraine'
French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday strongly condemned Russia's military action against Ukraine, vowing Paris would work with allies to end the war.

"Russia must immediately put an end to its military operations," Macron wrote on Twitter, saying Russia had made the decision to "wage war" on Ukraine.

Feb 24, 2022 13:06 (IST)
Russian Ground Forces Cross Into Ukraine: Border Guards
Russian troops have crossed into Ukraine, news agency AFP reported.
Feb 24, 2022 13:03 (IST)
Russia Attack On Ukraine Reverberates In Energy-Rich Gulf
Russia's assault on Ukraine is reverberating in the energy-rich Gulf, where top oil and gas producers face economic and political dilemmas in easing sky-high prices and alleviating shortages in Europe.
Feb 24, 2022 12:56 (IST)
Australia Announces 'Second Phase' Of Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine Assault
Australia hit Russia with a "second phase" of sanctions on Thursday over its assault on Ukraine, the first salvo in an expected battery of new international measures to punish Moscow.
Feb 24, 2022 12:46 (IST)
UK PM To Preside Over Crisis Meeting After Russian Attack On Ukraine
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will on Thursday preside over an emergency meeting to discuss the "horrific" Russian attack on Ukraine, his office said.

"The Prime Minister will chair a COBR at 0730 (local and GMT) to discuss the response to the horrific attacks in Ukraine this morning," a Downing Street spokesperson said.

Feb 24, 2022 12:34 (IST)
India Advises Citizens Travelling To Kyiv to "Return To Respective Cities"
India's embassy in Ukraine has asked Indian nationals living in the conflict-hit eastern European nation to "maintain calm and remain safe". The advisory comes hours after an Air India flight going to Ukraine turned back for Delhi after the country closed it airspace, following Russian military operations in two breakaway areas.

Flight trackers on the internet show no commercial flights in Ukrainian airspace as of now.

"Dear Indians in Ukraine, the present situation in Ukraine is highly uncertain. Please maintain calm and remain safe wherever you are, be it in your homes, hostels, accommodations or in transit," India's embassy in Ukraine said in the advisory.

Feb 24, 2022 12:25 (IST)
Russian Attack 'Shakes Foundation Of International Order': Japan PM
Russia's attack on Ukraine "shakes the foundation of the international order", Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Thursday, strongly condemning the military incursion.

"The latest Russian invasion shakes the foundation of the international order, which does not permit unilateral attempts to change the status quo," he told reporters after a meeting of the country's security council.

Feb 24, 2022 12:15 (IST)
US, G7 Allies To Hold Russia Accountable After Attack On Ukraine: Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden will meet with his counterparts from the Group of Seven allies early Thursday to map out more severe measures against Russia after President Vladimir Putin launched what Biden called "a premeditated war" against Ukraine.

Biden, who spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy late on Wednesday, said the United States and its allies will respond in "a united and decisive way" to what he called "an unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces" on Ukraine.

Feb 24, 2022 12:10 (IST)
Italy PM Condemns Russia's Attack As 'Unjustified And Unjustifiable'
Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Thursday lashed Russia's attack on Ukraine as "unjustified and unjustifiable," saying Europe and NATO were working on an immediate response.

"The Italian Government condemns Russia's attack on Ukraine. It is unjustified and unjustifiable. Italy is close to the Ukrainian people and institutions in this dramatic moment. We are working with European and NATO allies to respond immediately, with unity and determination," Draghi said in a statement.

Feb 24, 2022 12:04 (IST)
Ukraine President Says World 'Must Compel Russia To Peace'
Ukraine's leader Volodymyr Zelensky said Thursday that the country's allies were building a "coalition" against Russian President Vladimir Putin and urged the world to take measures to force Moscow to stop its attack.

"We are building an anti-Putin coalition," Zelensky wrote on Twitter, after talks with the leaders of the US, EU, Britain, Germany and Poland.

"The world must compel Russia to peace," he wrote.

Feb 24, 2022 12:00 (IST)
Ukraine Claims Downed 5 Russian Planes, Helicopter
The Ukrainian military claimed on Thursday to have downed five Russian planes and a helicopter in the east of the country near a rebel-held enclave, reported AFP.

"According to the Joint Forces Command, today, February 24, in the area of the Joint Forces operation, five planes and a helicopter of the aggressors were shot down," the army general staff said.

Feb 24, 2022 11:56 (IST)
Russia Says Destroyed Ukraine Airbases, Air Defences: Reports
Russia Says Destroyed Ukraine Airbases, Air Defences: Reports
Feb 24, 2022 11:55 (IST)
Air Raid Sirens Ring Out In Ukraine's Western City Of Lviv: Agency News AFP
Air raid sirens rang out Thursday in Ukraine's western city of Lviv, an AFP reporter said, adding that there were no immediate sounds of explosions or other signs of attack.

The city has turned into the temporary base of several Western embassies, including the United States and Britain, which evacuated their diplomats from the capital Kyiv in the days preceding Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Feb 24, 2022 11:54 (IST)
Ukraine Under Attack Along Russia, Belarus Borders: Border Guards
Ukraine is coming under artillery attack along its northern border with Russia and Belarus, the border guard service said on Thursday, adding that Ukrainian forces were returning fire.

The statement was issued as a Ukrainian interior ministry official reported the Ukrainian government-held town of Shchastya had fallen to Russian-backed eastern insurgents.

Feb 24, 2022 11:54 (IST)
Britain's Johnson Says Putin 'Has Chosen A Path Of Bloodshed' In Ukraine
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned on Thursday the "horrific events in Ukraine", saying Russia's President Vladimir Putin "has chosen a path of bloodshed and destruction by launching this unprovoked attack".

"The UK and our allies will respond decisively," he tweeted, adding he had spoken to Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Feb 24, 2022 11:45 (IST)
'Straight To Hell': Ukraine, Russia, Spar During Heated UN Meet
A visibly emotional Ukrainian ambassador traded barbs with his Russian counterpart during a heated late-night emergency Security Council meeting on the Russia-Ukraine crisis Wednesday.

Sergiy Kyslytsya implored the council, chaired by Russia, to "do everything possible to stop the war" against his country.

"It is the responsibility of these bodies to stop the war," Kyslytsya told the meeting of the 15-member council, which began shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine.

Kyslytsya urged UN ambassador Vassily Nebenzia of Russia, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the council, to "call Putin, call (Foreign Minister Sergey) Lavrov to stop (the) aggression."

Feb 24, 2022 11:44 (IST)
Can Ukraine Thwart A Russian Invasion? A Comparison Of Troops

Ukraine's armed forces are heavily outnumbered and outgunned by Russia's, but as Russia begins what may be a large-scale invasion, military experts say they would be capable of mounting significant resistance and inflicting heavy casualties.

Ukraine's army is also better trained and equipped than in 2014, when Russia captured the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine without a fight, and is widely seen as highly motivated to defend the country's heartland.

Here are some details of Ukraine's military.

Feb 24, 2022 11:35 (IST)
Putin Orders Strikes In Ukraine -What He Said In Televised Speech
Russian forces attacked targets across Ukraine after President Vladimir Putin ordered an operation to demilitarize the country, in what Ukraine's foreign minister called a "full-scale invasion."

Putin appealed to Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms and go home in a nationally televised address ahead of the offensive. He said Russia doesn't plan to "occupy" its southern neighbor, but that Russia must "defend itself from those who took Ukraine hostage," accusing the U.S. and its allies of crossing Russia's "red line" by expanding the NATO alliance.