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These 4 Protein Diet Mistakes Can Ruin Your Weight Loss Goals

Protein-rich diet for weight loss: Are protein bars and protein shakes the only source of protein? Here are more such mistakes that you might be making.

These 4 Protein Diet Mistakes Can Ruin Your Weight Loss Goals

Gulping on protein shakes post your workout might be a mistake


  • Do not eat too much of complete protein
  • Try to include protein in all of your meals
  • Try having your protein from food sources only

Protein-rich diets can help you lose weight. Eating proteins in the right way can be even better to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Consuming proteins in the right way can support muscle growth. It also aids easy recovery after a workout. However, eating proteins for weight loss or any other purpose can simply backfire if you consume them in the wrong pattern, wrong quantity and food combination. In this article, we shed light on some mistakes which you could be making while consuming protein and how to avoid them.

Mistakes to avoid when following a protein-rich diet

1. Don't be too focused on eating only complete protein

Examples of complete protein include meat, dairy foods, eggs, soy and fish. Eating these complete protein sources in excess is something that is done to fulfil the desperate desire of quick weight loss and reduced appetite. Kayla Itsines, in her blog, writes that you should try to make a balance between complete and incomplete protein for good overall health. Include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and grains in your diet for healthy weight loss and good health.

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2. Do not eat too much protein after a workout

Gulping down a protein shake after a workout is what many people do as part of refuelling. This, however, might not be as beneficial. It is not necessary to drink lots of protein shake or eat a protein diet for your body to repair. A balanced diet can do that too.


Do not consume too much protein after a workout
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3. Eat protein with every meal

Now this is a healthy way to consume protein. Add some protein to every meal. This way, your body will get enough time to break down protein for its assimilation. Protein rich foods promote feeling of fullness and stabilise blood sugar levels.

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4. Do not consider protein bars and protein shakes as your only source of protein

This is another mistake which you should avoid. It is surely convenient to simply grab a packet of protein bar from the market or add protein powder into water for a quick protein shake. Protein bars that are sold in the market may contain artificial sweeteners and sugar. Protein shakes, on the other hand, must be consumed in limited amounts. Try getting most of your protein from food sources like eggs, soy, legumes, lentils, meat, nuts and seeds. You can also opt for homemade protein bars to avoid nasty ingredients in the commercially sold ones.

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