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Survive High Pollution Levels With Ayurveda: Know Some Ayurvedic Hacks To Fight Pollution Straight From Expert

Ayurveda for pollution: There are many health issues associated with exposure to pollution. Ayurveda can give you the solution to this as well. Here are some tips shared by ayurvedic expert on how to handle pollution with some simple remedies.

Survive High Pollution Levels With Ayurveda: Know Some Ayurvedic Hacks To Fight Pollution Straight From Expert

Delhi pollution: Fight Pollution effectively with some simple home remedies


  • Always wear a mask before stepping out
  • Use ayurveda to fight pollution
  • Ghee can help you reduce the harmful effect of pollution

The increased pollution is affecting many and causing several health issues. You need to protect yourself and your family from the growing pollution. There are many steps you can follow to control the adverse effect of pollution other than wearing a mask. During high pollution levels you must wear a mask to prevent yourself from the toxins. But along with this you can make some necessary changes for better protection. Ayurveda has given a solution to almost every problem in the most natural way possible. There are some healthy ayurvedic hacks to control the adverse effect of pollution as well. Ayurveda Expert Dr. Mitali Madhusmita from the Art of Living explaines various methods to fight pollution.

Ayurvedic methods to fight high pollution

Two things that we can do to manage the impact of these pollutants- one is to improve immunity and secondly, improving the quality of air at home.

1. How to improve immunity?

To strengthen immunity, you need a diet rich with antioxidants to protect the body from the effects of the pollutants. Right food is an important input to adequately handle the impact of pollution on our health, since there is little that can be done to reverse the problem externally. A diet for better immunity must include-

a) Vitamin C: amla, guava, lemon, berries, tomato, carrots, kiwi and apples

b) Vitamin E: It is found in almonds, basil or cloves

c) Beta carotene: Sources of beta carotene are coriander, fenugreek, lettuce and spinach

d) Omega 3: It can be found in walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds and clarified butter or ghee


Delhi Pollution: Foods rich in vitamin C can boost immunity naturally
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2. Home remedies

a) Turmeric and honey

Take one-fourth table spoon of turmeric and mix it with half a table spoon of honey. Have this before going to bed. This combination is a time tested solution for building strength and immunity.

b) Ginger, basil and honey

Half a table spoon of juice extracts of basil leaves mixed with honey and 5 drops of ginger juice can be had on an empty stomach in the morning.

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c) Jaggery

It is one of the most effective remedies for pollution. Jaggery has anti-inflammatory properties and it can be included in the diet in various ways.

d) Neem leaves

Neem, with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, builds immunity while cooling down the body. It detoxifies and removes the impurities from the blood.


Delhi pollution: Neem leaves can help you naturally fight pollution
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e) Ghee or clarified butter

It is good for digestion and has detoxifying properties. Presence of omega 3 fatty acids in Ghee supports your immune system. It is also anti-inflammatory and a rich source of antioxidant which makes it a must have. It promotes an alkaline environment in the body, when your diet, especially in India happens to be more acidic overall. Alkaline environment makes it difficult for diseases and illnesses to manifest in the body.

3. To purify the air

Research shows that some house plants can take in toxins from the air and purify the air including bamboo, Erica palm, peace lily and money plants. Other methods may include use of beeswax candles, salt lamps or essential oils including rosemary, thyme, oregano, tea tree, lemongrass and cinnamon.

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(With inputs from Art of Living's Ayurveda Expert and Head Doctor at Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma, Dr. Mitali Madhusmita)

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