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Weight Loss Tips: Nutritionist Tells How You Can Lose Weight Without Extreme Exercise

Weight loss is more about creating a balance rather than pushing yourself too hard. Read here to know what an expert recommends to lose weight sustainably.

Weight Loss Tips: Nutritionist Tells How You Can Lose Weight Without Extreme Exercise

Weight loss: Extreme exercise can increase the risk of burnout


  • Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand when it comes to weight loss
  • Avoid adopting extreme approaches to achieve your goals
  • Try to maintain a balance to improve your health holistically

Weight loss: Do you think that extreme exercise or overtraining or working out two of three times in the gym is required for you to lose weight, then you may be wrong. Overtraining or tiring your body too much by not giving it rest can increase risk of muscle cramps, injury, soreness and even burn out. Maintaining a balance is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. A balance needs to be maintained from the perspective of diet, exercise, sleep, stress and overall physical activity.

Rachel Paul, who goes by the name of collegenutritionist on Instagram, recently shared a few tips that can help you lose weight without getting into extreme exercise. Keep reading to know what she recommends.

Weight loss tips: How to lose weight without extreme exercise

1. Change your focus to the exercise which you really like

When in a desperate situation, it is a common scenario for one to look for and adopt exercises which help in burning the most amount of calories. While this may help in addressing your concern, you may not be able to continue with it for too long. Changing your focus towards the exercise that you really like may be helpful in this case. It can be running, walking, cycling, jogging and other weight training exercises that you actually like. Exercising is supposed to make you feel good and energetic, not tried and stressed out.


Opt for the exercises that you really like in order to get results
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2. Create a food plan that focuses on protein, fat and veggies

Foods that are rich in proteins and good fats are filling in nature. You need them to keep you warm, build muscles and for the assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Vegetables, on the other hand, are rich in fibre. They add volume to your meals and also provide you with adequate nutrition.

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3. Prioritise sleep and mental health

Knowingly or unknowingly, your sleep and mental health play a huge role in your health, weight loss and fitness routine. Lack of sleep can rob you of your energy levels and may lower your mood. Poor mental health can make it difficult for you to stay motivated and exercise regularly. So make sure you get good quality, deep sleep every night, and that your mental health is up to the mark.

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A holistic approach towards weight loss can definitely make things a lot easier and sustainable.

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