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#MondayMotivation: Trying To Lose Weight? Do These 3 Things First

Weight loss: Eat more protein, know your body type and eat the right kind of calories if you want to lose weight. More details down under.

#MondayMotivation: Trying To Lose Weight? Do These 3 Things First

If you want to lose weight, make sure you consume the right kind of calories


  • Avoid eating empty calorie foods like white sugar and junk foods
  • Know your body type and follow a diet and workout regime that suits you
  • Avoid blindly following fad diets

Weight loss is a tedious process. While everyone is trying to achieve it, there are others who struggle to find the motivation to begin with it in the first place. In addition to this is the bombardment of information related to quick weight loss on the internet. The weight loss industry has somehow made people believe that giving up on one food group entirely, or taking excess of another is good for their health as it shows quick difference in terms of numbers on the weighing machine. This makes people ignorant about a lot of things. Making the right decision and losing weight in the right and healthy way is no child's play.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few important things that you should know in case you are trying to lose weight:

1. Make sure you include protein in your diet

Protein is a macronutrient, a building block of the human body which you definitely need if you are trying to lose weight. This is along with the fact that you consume it in the right manner. Protein-rich foods induce weight loss by keeping you full for longer and reducing appetite. Proteins come with the additional benefit of improving muscle mass. But this does not mean that you should go overboard with its consumption. The right way to eat protein for weight loss is by eating it along with other nutrients in every meal. Every meal in a day should include some protein-rich food if you are trying to lose weight.

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2. Your body is different from others

Blindly following fad diets is another trend that is common among people trying to lose weight. You must understand that your body is different from others. A particular diet might not show the same results on you as it has shown on someone else. Similarly, how fast you lose weight, and how efficiently, is also dependent on your body type. Ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph are three kinds of body types. The workout regime and diet for each of these body types is going to be different. So before going ahead with weight loss, find out your body type and consult an expert about which diet and workout regime would work the best for you.


Every body type is different and you should follow diet and workout regime that suits you as an individual
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3. Get your calories from the right food sources

Going on calorie deficit diets or starving yourself to lose weight is definitely not going to work for you. You are going to end up feeling fatigued, irritated and very low on energy. It is important to understand and accept that weight loss is a gradual process and will take place eventually, over a period of time. It is not an overnight task and you need to eat good and healthy food to be on-the-go, perform well at work and be physically and mentally fit for daily chores. For this, you need to eat calories (but only the right ones) if you want to lose weight. Give up foods which provide no nutrition and have empty calories like white sugar, junk food and processed food. Keep everything that comes in a packet (even if they say zero trans fat, zero calorie, no sugar etc) off the table. Give up alcohol consumption and quit smoking. Switch to home-cooked, natural and seasonal food. Practice portion control and weight loss will definitely be achieved, without any negative impact on your health.

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