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World Bicycle Day: Weight Loss And 7 Other Benefits Of Including Cycling In Your Fitness Regime

World Bicycle Day: The United Nations General Assembly declared June 3rd as World Bicycle Day. Here's how getting your feet pedalling can have wonderful benefits for your health.

World Bicycle Day: Weight Loss And 7 Other Benefits Of Including Cycling In Your Fitness Regime

Cycling to work can be beneficial for your weight loss as well as the environment


  • Cycling to work reduces your carbon footprint
  • It will boost your mental well-being and reduce stress
  • Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise

June 3 is observed as World Bicycle Day. Substituting your motor vehicle for a sleek two-wheeled manual transport seems like a major inconvenience. Giving up your 100 plus horsepower ride, and relying on the miserly 1.2 horsepower capacity of the human body, almost appears to be inefficient, and more so, exhausting. But, in times like these, when the environment is constantly facing the plunge, and the people are losing health points by the hour, bicycles may be the saviour we need. The United Nations General Assembly recognises the importance of bicycles as a sustainable and healthy way to commute. It is one way which can help cities and their people to thrive in a sustainable manner. But apart from being environment-friendly, cycling is also a great cardiovascular exercise that can aid weight loss and improve heart health.

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Read below to know the benefits of cycling regularly:

1. Good for the environment: Cities like Delhi are in a state of getting choked up by the various forms of pollution. The smog worsens every winter, and the temperatures rise every summer. If this isn't global warming, then what is? The motor vehicle boom across the world has given rise to seriously high levels of pollution. So, switching over to a bicycle, and getting your neighbour to do so as well, will help turn your city into a habitable environment.

2. Improves mental well-being and reduces stress: Studies suggest that cycling triggers a release in adrenaline and endorphins in your body. This, provides enjoyment and simultaneously helps boost your confidence and happiness. It also gives you time to process your thoughts, and come out of every ride, with a load off, both mentally and physically.

3. Cardiovascular benefits: Each rotation of the pedal, gets your blood pumping. As a result, it burns calories, and keeps your heart in a steady and healthy state. This reduces your risk of major heart diseases and keeps your body in prime condition.

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4. Boosts brainpower Improved blood flow, and the reduction in stress levels, team up to cause the positive side effect of improved brain power. Cycling helps development of cognitive capabilities in children, and correspondingly slows down the process of deterioration in seniors.

5. Slowed ageing: Research has found, that cycling has great anti-ageing benefits. It is a high intensity exercise that can help promote mitochondrial capacity, and slows ageing process. This will make you feel rejuvenated all the way down to your cells.

6. Promotes weight loss and builds muscle: This one is rather obvious. Getting your blood pumping, will burn off calories, leading to quick and effective weight loss. The targeted stress of cycling on the abdominal and leg muscles will also augment their development. So, couple your cycling habits, with a balanced diet, and watch the magic happen.


Cycling is a great cardio exercise for weight loss
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7. Good for your sex life: Cycling regularly helps develop muscles in the lower abdomen, that are important for sexual intercourse. Better development of these incredibly important muscles has a direct benefit for your sexual health. A healthy sex life can give a boost to your mood and improve your physical and mental well-being.

8. Augments your sleep: Nothing is better for your sleep cycle than tiring yourself out before you go to bed. It makes the sleep more comfortable, and you spend less time rolling around in your bed, waiting to drift into the calm of oblivion. Cycling regularly or including cycling in your fitness regime can help in improving your sleep as well.

Happy World Bicycle Day, everyone!

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