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Do Not Let Stress Hamper Your Well-Being! De-Stress With These 5 Self-Care Tips

Stress can negatively affect your health in multiple ways. Stress management is important to control the risks associated with it. Here are some tips you must try.

Do Not Let Stress Hamper Your Well-Being! De-Stress With These 5 Self-Care Tips

Stress can make you consume more calories and affect your body weight


  • Stress can affect your sleep schedule
  • Meditation and exercise can help you reduce stress
  • Stress is harmful to your heath in several ways

Stress is more harmful than you think. It can affect your physical and mental well-being in more ways than one. You might experience stress due to a variety of reasons. Many tend to ignore stress without understanding its adverse effects. According to studies, uncontrolled stress can affect your immune system, sleep pattern, blood pressure, heart health and much more. These side effects linked with stress might leave you surprised. But you can manage stress effectively with simple changes in your lifestyle. We spoke to Dr. Samant Darshi who is a Psychiatrist at Pysmate, Noida to rule out a few self-help tips that can help manage stress effectively.

Self-help tips to De-stress

Dr. Darshi shares the following steps that you should be following-

1. Set up a routine for yourself

Routines are important, particularly when things around you are uncertain. Routines largely function as an intangible guide. Setting a routine will allow your mind and body to stick to a fixed schedule. It will also help you focus better.

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2. Eat healthy

Eating healthy not only facilitates body weight and immunity but scientific evidence has emphasised how nutrition is related to mental health and the food you eat is associated with your mood, behaviour, and cognition.


Eat a healthy diet to promote a healthy mind
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3. Sleep well

Basic sleep hygiene requires you to maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle, avoiding overstimulation before going to bed, not indulging in activating activities like playing games and using laptop or phones while in bed.

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4. Physical exercise

Regular exercise plays a vital role in relieving stress and research shows that it has been related to lower stress, depression and better overall mental well-being.


Regular exercise can help you beat stress and ensure better sleep
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5. Rest and relax

Take out time for rest each day. Meditation has overall calming effects for the brain and yoga has specifically been linked to increased levels of oxytocin which is a hormone known to increase bonding.

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Try these tips and beat stress effectively!

(Dr. Samant Darshi is a Psychiatrist at Pysmate, Noida)

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