Weight Loss: 5 Smart Tips To Create A Weight-Loss Friendly Environment 

Struggling to lose weight? Start by creating a weight-loss friendly environment. Here are tips that may help.

Weight Loss: 5 Smart Tips To Create A Weight-Loss Friendly Environment

Weight loss is no mean feat, especially in times when we are just a phone call away from our favourite dessert or snack. While it is okay to give into your cravings once in a while, but making that a habit may take a toll on your waistline. For a healthy weight loss, it is very important to train your brain, if you are disciplined in your diet and are not lured by all the decadence around you are good to go. For those who have just begun their weight loss journey, may find it especially hard to do that. Which is why, you must start by creating weight-loss friendly environment around you. Here are some tips may help. 


1. Try not to surround yourself with greasy food or ready to eat snacks. The logic is simple, if there is a bag of chips lying unattended, or a pack of namkeen you are most likely to inch towards it. So take that pack out of your reach or go keep it in the kitchen. 

2. Can't stop eating the moment you step out? Have ninety percent of your food at home.  This way you not only prevent yourself from temptations, but also have majority of your food cooked with best ingredients and in proper hygiene. 

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3. Don't sit or linger around the dinner table once you are full. If you are there for a longer spell, you may feel like eating more, even if you are not particularly hungry. But this also does not mean you rush through eating. Make sure you eat your food slowly and chew well. Eating hurriedly may upset digestion which may induce weight gain. 

4. Watch shows or follow social media accounts that talk about healthy and clean eating to feel motivated. A study published recently said that following healthy eating and fitness videos may help sustaining weight loss. 


5. It is a good idea to detox your kitchen too. Toss away the fattening condiments, spreads, oils and dressings and make way for healthy, fresh and low-fat ingredients. If your fridge has left over pastas and burgers from previous night, it is definitely going to be difficult for you to stick to your resolve. On the other hand fresh vegetables may motivate you to cook healthy and clean food for yourself 


Keep these pointers in mind, they may help you and your weight loss goals in a big way. 

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