"Dinosaur-Like" Fish With Bulging Eyes Caught In Norway. Pic Is Viral

The fisherman described his catch as "a bit dinosaur-like"

'Dinosaur-Like' Fish With Bulging Eyes Caught In Norway. Pic Is Viral

Oscar Lundahl with the rare ratfish he caught.

An angler caught a rare, bizarre-looking fish while fishing off the coast of Norway recently. 19-year-old Oscar Lundahl, a guide for the fishing company Nordic Sea Angling, nearly jumped when he saw the fish he had caught. The odd-looking creature had huge, bulging eyes and a tiny body in comparison.

Metro reports that he was looking for blue halibut near Andoya Island when he found the alien-like fish.

"We were looking for blue halibut which is a rare species about five miles off shore," he said. "I had four hooks on one line and felt something quite big on the end of it. It took me about 30 minutes to reel it in."

Mr Lundahl described his catch as "a bit dinosaur-like" and added that he had never seen anything like it before.

Take a look at the fish below:

According to The Sun, the fish is actually a ratfish, a relative of the shark that dates back 300 million years. Latin name, Chimaeras Monstrosa Linnaeus, is derived from a Greek mythical monster that had the head of a lion and tail of a dragon.

Ratfish live deep in the water and are rarely caught. It is believed their huge eyes developed to help them see in the dark.

This isn't the first time that a bizarre sea creature has been caught. A few weeks ago, video of an "alien" orange sea creature with multiple tentacles had collected over a million views.

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