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Sleep Deprivation, Starving And 5 Other Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

Weight loss tips: You need to consume fewer calories than you burn to lose weight. Here are some common mistakes you should be avoiding to maintain a healthy weight.

Sleep Deprivation, Starving And 5 Other Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

Weight loss tips: Choose healthy snacks to beat hunger pangs between meals


  • Drink enough water throughout the day to maintain a healthy weight
  • Undereating and overeating cannot help you lose weight
  • Keep a check on your calorie intake to lose weight effectively

Are you trying to lose weight? Weight loss is one of the much-discussed topics of all times. A combination of the right diet with regular exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight. Other than these several factors can affect your weight loss process. Unknowingly you might be making certain mistakes that can affect the results of your diet and exercise. Your sleep cycle, meal timings, snacking options, portion size and many other factors contribute to healthy weight loss. Recently, lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho took to Facebook to share the biggest mistakes you might be making during your fat loss process. Here are some of the details he shared in his FB live.

Weight loss tips: Avoid these mistakes

1. Sleep deprivation

Coutinho says, "For effective weight loss, you need to get your basics right." Sleep is an important aspect of life. A healthy sleep schedule is important for your overall well-being. Make sure that you sleep for 7-8 hours each day.


Exercise regularly to ensure better sleep
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2. Eating late-night meals

Late night meals will not just affect your body weight but your digestion too. Try to consume your last meal of the day a few hours before bedtime. If you feel hungry later, grab a healthy snack. Fibre-rich foods can keep you full for longer.

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3. Under-eating

Starving never works! Not consuming enough calories can make you crave unhealthy calories later. According to Coutinho, undereating can lead to poor metabolism and undereating does not mean fasting.

4. Overeating

Many workout through the week and eat heavy meals over the weekend. Ultimately you are consuming all those calories burned during the week. It becomes a vicious cycle, stopping you from losing weight.

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5. Right gap between meals

Too much or too little gap between the meals can make you consume more calories than required. There should be an appropriate gap between each meal and you should eat mindfully for better satisfaction.


Do not keep too short or too long gaps between your meals
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6. Not doing strength training

In order to lose weight many stick to cardio exercises only. But it is important to focus on your muscles as well. You should add strength training to your routine to tone those muscles.

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7. Not addressing your hormonal imbalance

Hormones affect your mental and physical health in several ways. Conditions like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, PCOS and many others can lead to hormonal imbalance. It is essential to fix hormonal issues for better outcomes of your weight loss diet and exercise.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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