Diabetics, These Protein-Fat Combos Can Be Your Perfect Breakfast Options!

Diabetics, combination of protein and fat during breakfast can help in stabilising your insulin levels throughout the day. Here are some interesting and healthy breakfast options for people with diabetes.

Diabetics, These Protein-Fat Combos Can Be Your Perfect Breakfast Options!

Eggs make for a healthy choice of breakfast for people with diabetes


  1. You can combine eggs with avocado for breakfast
  2. A combination of protein and fat can be healthy for diabetics
  3. You can also eat seeds during breakfast

If you are diabetic or if your insulin is not stable, then eating the right kind of breakfast can help in stabilising your insulin levels throughout the day. Delhi-based nutritionist Tapasya Mundhra recently took to Facebook to share a few breakfast options for people with diabetes. Studies have found that eating a healthy breakfast can take you a long way in terms of achieving weight loss, improving insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control. In her video, Tapasya mentions some interesting food combinations for breakfast that can help in stabilising insulin levels in people with diabetes.

According to Tapasya, the best thing to do is to start your day with a combination of protein and fat on your plate.

Protein and fat breakfast options for diabetics by Tapasya Mundhra

1. 2 boiled eggs (whole eggs)

2. Egg white omelette with half an avocado

3. Boiled sprouts or black chana cooked in olive oil or with some added avocado. You can also add some roasted seeds on top.

4. Indian cheelas like besan cheela or moong dal cheela. You can add paneer to eat for protein and a tsp of olive oil and seeds if you want.

5. You can also eat your seeds raw during breakfast.

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The idea is to include some protein-rich foods and some foods that contain good fats or are enriched with good fats like ghee and olive oil.

Protein has a high satiety value as compared to carbs. Eating protein-rich foods can help you stay full for longer and may even reduce appetite. Including proteins in your diet can help in reducing your portion size.


Ghee contains good fat that can be beneficial for diabetics
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Simple carbs like bread, pastas, pizzas and sugar can contribute to a rise in blood sugar levels.

Unsaturated fats that come from nuts, fish, ghee, olive oil, kacchni ghani oil and avocados can be beneficial for diabetics. Fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids - that are good for brain and heart health.

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People with diabetes must make the attempt of avoiding trans fats, sugary foods, packaged foods and anything which says partially hydrogenated oil in its ingredients.

Other healthy breakfast options for people with diabetes can be oatmeal, muesli, paneer, and greek yogurt. You can churn out interesting meals from these food options and create a wholesome and delicious breakfasts for yourself.

Diabetics should make the effort of monitoring their blood glucose before eating and after eating. Healthline says that this can help you learn the effect of the food or meal on your blood glucose. In case of high fasting sugar, it may be because of numerous reasons like poor sleep quality, inadequate medication and stress.

However, high blood sugar in the morning doesn't mean that you need to skip breakfast. They are numerous fun and delicious ways to make your breakfast healthy and nutritious.

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(Tapasya Mundhra is a nutritionist based in Delhi)

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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