Luke Coutinho Recommends This Ultimate Snack: Is Rich In Fibre, Protein And Low In Fat And Carbs

Healthy snacking is important in order to prevent it from interrupting with your weight loss goals. Health coach Luke Coutinho says that roasted chanas are a healthy snack which you can munch on, at any time of the day!

Luke Coutinho Recommends This Ultimate Snack: Is Rich In Fibre, Protein And Low In Fat And Carbs

Roasted chanas are a cheap and convenient option for healthy snacking


  • Roasted chanas are cheap and easily available
  • They are high in fibre and protein
  • They are low in carbs and fat

Snacking is very much needed in our day-to-day routine. It not only helps in curbing cravings, it also helps in making up for the times when we don't want a complete meal but are looking for something to eat on the go. But the very nature of snacking is such that it makes you crave for food in an instant. And anything junk or sugary will seem tempting when a person is in the mood for snacking. Snacking is also one of the common culprits of interrupting with our diet plans and targeted weight goals. Most cheat meals take place when we want to munch on a delicious snack. And this is the reason why we must snack healthy. Health coach Luke Coutinho recently went live on Facebook to share concerns about unhealthy snacking an how you can make it healthy.According to Luke, roasted chanas or roasted chickpeas are a good option for healthy snacking. Not only will they satiate your hunger, they will also help in providing essential nutrients to the body.


Unhealthy snacking can interfere with your weight loss goals
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Evening is the time when a person craves for a snack the most. This is because energy levels at this time of the day begin to come down. That is why we are looking for an energy booster or stimulants like caffeine in the form of tea or coffee.

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Speaking of roasted chanas, they are a fantastic low carb, high fibre, low fat and high protein snack. All of this however, is with the fact that you don't add salt to it. Salted roasted chana are not so healthy, and may even cause water retention.


Roasted chanas are good for diabetics
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Apart from such benefits, chanas are easily available and are super cheap. Unlike numerous superfoods which are super heavy on the pocket, roasted chanas provide you with optimum nutrition in the best possible way.

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Eating roasted chanas is good for people with diabetes and keeps you full for longer. Fibre in roasted chanas is good for your gut health and promotes the healthy gut ecology. People with cholesterol problems can also resort to roasted chanas as a healthy snack option.

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You can have it early in the morning, late in the night before bed time, and in the evening.

So give up on those high-salted junk food and switch to roasted chanas for healthy snacking today!

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