"New Fear Unlocked" - Internet Reacts To Making Of Golgappe Ka Paani

A video showing an unhygienic way of making the pani for gol gappa has gone viral. Read to know how the Internet reacted.

'New Fear Unlocked' - Internet Reacts To Making Of Golgappe Ka Paani

Golgappe Ka Paani (Photo Credit: Instagram/ yummybites_kt)

Just recently, the Internet was shocked by the unhygienic preparation of bar fruit cakes that are commonly sold in packets. It was enough for some Instagram users to renounce them altogether. Now, another "behind the scenes" video has surfaced online. It concerns the making of one of the most beloved street foods: golgappa or pani puri. Unfortunately, this reel will not make those who enjoy this treat happy. Like many other similar "making of" clips, this one has brought to light several problems that might make you lose your appetite.

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In the Instagram reel shared by @yummybites_kt, we see a person preparing the pani for golgappa at an outdoor location. He first blends together green leaves and chillies to make a thick paste. Later, he adds water to thin this mixture. Next, he grinds what looks to be tamarind and water together. He is also seen putting his bare arms into the vessel. First, the reddish brown tamarind mixture and then, the green liquid mixture are strained. They are combined with salt, masalas and other ingredients. Finally, using a pipe, more water is added to the container and mixed thoroughly. Watch the full video below:

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The reel has received 1.8 million views so far. In the comments, people expressed much concern about the lack of hygiene. Some responded sarcastically with remarks like, "Bus nahana reh gaya usme" ["All that was left was for him to bathe in it."] and "Easy way to wash hands." Here are some of the other reactions:

"New fear unlocked."
"Taste ka raaz." ["The secret behind its taste."]
"Is it food or is it some cleaning product? It's not possible."
"I think Namak zada ho gaya hoga." ["I think it would have become too salty."]
"How dirty is that vessel."
"Age se kabhi nahi khaungi." ["I will never eat it again."]
"Ab dheere dheere samajh aa raha hai mummy kyu bahar ka khana ganda batati thee." ["Now I'm slowly beginning to understand why my mother would say that outside food is bad."]

Before this, a seemingly 'hygienic' way of preparing the puris for pani puri had caught the interest of many Instagram users. Watch the viral video and read the full story here.

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