Watch: Man Explains How To Eat Burger In Formal Settings, Internet Puzzled

Burger Viral Video: An Instagram reel by an etiquette coach showing the 'correct' way to eat burgers has received much criticism online.

Watch: Man Explains How To Eat Burger In Formal Settings, Internet Puzzled

Burger Viral Video. Photo Credit: Instagram/ williamhansonetiquette

When eating in formal settings, it is essential to keep table manners in mind. Dining etiquette often covers different aspects of a meal, including how to choose cutlery, employ it properly, tackle specific foods and much more. Recently, a video on this topic took the Internet by storm because it showed an unusual way of eating a burger. The tips were shared by William Hanson, who is an 'Etiquette coach' by profession. Instagram users seemed to be left fuming at the idea of relishing this beloved treat in such a bizarre way. Wondering exactly what he advised? Find out below.

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In the video, we see William explaining how to have a burger by apparently following the 'correct' dining etiquette. Supplementing his words with visible gestures, he says, "Now, unless you're in the circus, nobody can fit anything this size in your mouth. So don't pick up the burger and eat it with your hands when it is this thick. Instead, you deconstruct the burger. Using a knife and fork, take off the top, cut and eat". Watch the full clip here:

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The reel has received 3.3 million views so far. The comment section, which has almost 8 thousand remarks, seems united in its disapproval of William's 'technique'. While some people have criticised the very act of deconstruction, others have pointed out that burgers are not typically served in formal settings. Read some of the reactions below:

"Remember to remove all the joy from the burger".
"If you're eating it like that, don't order a burger".
"I would rather detach my jaw than eat a burger with a knife and fork".
"You just ruined the burger".
"You deconstruct the burger only to remove the tomato!"
"I love you William but this video is just lesson one in 'how to be sad'."
"Nah, just cut it in half and like. Take a sideways bite or something IDK [I don't know]. Maybe just squish it down? Maybe I don't have a good counter-argument but I do know knife and forking a burger just doesn't look right".
"This time, I have to disagree. There is no instance where a burger is to be served in a formal context. Hence, it is an informal food and there is no need to put on a spectacle and dissect one in such a manner".

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