After Non-Veg Pani Puri, Internet Disapproves Of 'Pani Puri Ke Pakode'

A video featuring a deep-fried version of the classic street food, pani puri, has received a lot of criticism online.

After Non-Veg Pani Puri, Internet Disapproves Of 'Pani Puri Ke Pakode'

Pani puri ke pakode is currently grabbing eyeballs online (Photo Credit:Instagram/ @foodie_tshr)

Pani puri and gol gappa are often the subject of food experiments undertaken by street food vendors as well as food vloggers. While some of these experiments may seem appetising, others meet with vehement opposition online. Just a few days back, a video featuring 'pani puri' stuffed with chicken and prawns took the Internet by storm (Read the full story here). Now, another bizarre video has surfaced, which has left foodies scratching their heads. This one gives a glimpse of "pani puri ke pakode." Keep reading to find out what goes into this unusual fusion food and how people reacted to it.

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In the video by @foodie_tshr, we see a person filling puris with what seems to be prepared vegetable stuffing. Once a batch of these puris is ready, they are dunked in a besan batter and deep-fried until golden brown. We see a customer gently breaking apart the fried snack and then showing the layers inside to the camera. According to the caption, this delicacy can be found in Kolkata. Watch the full reel here:

The video has received 508K views on Instagram so far. The comment section was mainly filled with negative reactions, but a few people defended this strange fusion. According to one user, "This is strange I know but this one actually doesn't taste that bad." Another said, "This one might actually taste fine." However, the majority seemed inclined to disagree with them. A user called the snack, "Too scary." One person wrote, "Shukr hai paani daal ke fry ni kiya [Thankfully they didn't fill it with the pani puri water and then fry it]." A third asked, "Kya jarurat hai yaar iski? [What's the need for this?]." A sarcastic comment read, "Please try to make gol gappe tikka masala next time."

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