After Murmura And Ice Cream, Making Of Fruit Cake Goes Viral For Hygiene Reasons

Fruit Cake Viral Video: A video showing the large-scale preparation of bar fruit cakes has taken the internet by storm. Find out how people reacted below.

After Murmura And Ice Cream, Making Of Fruit Cake Goes Viral For Hygiene Reasons

A video of bar fruit cake mass production has gone viral online. (Photo Credit: Instagram/ foodbowlss)

In the past few months, several "behind the scenes" videos of food manufacturing have taken the internet by storm. More often than not, they raise serious concerns about the ingredients and lack of quality control in the making of the food items. For instance, in June, a reel showing the preparation of murmura (kurmura or puffed rice) shocked the internet (full story here). After that, there have been many others, including one on chocolate ice cream. Now, another such video is making the rounds online, and this one allegedly features the bar-sized fruit cakes that are often sold in packets.

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In the Instagram reel by @foodbowlss, we see a man mixing what looks to be cake batter with his bare arm. He doesn't just use his palm or hands - part of his arm above the elbow is also dunked into the batter. After stirring the batter, he wipes down his arm to transfer the remnants back into the vessel. Next, we see a person breaking eggs into a bucket. The video then switches to a shot of baking trays being filled with the cake batter. Later, we observe a man slicing the baked item. The caption simply states, "Fruit Cake Making". Watch the full reel here:

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The video has received 4.7 million views so far. In the comments, people seem horrified at the lack of hygienic practices during the making of the cake. "Why not swim in it completely?" wrote one user, sarcastically. Read some of the other reactions below:

"Write your will before eating it".
"Aaj se cake khana band". ["From today, I'll stop eating cake".]
"Why don't they use spoons or spatulas or wire to whisk eggs? Everything there is dirt!"
"I'll pass on the arm paste."
"Natural armpit sweat added".
"Everything about this was nasty".

Around two weeks back, a video showing a street-side vendor making the South Indian delicacy, parotta, went viral. In that case, the Internet's opinions regarding hygiene concerns were rather divided. Read the full story here.

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