This Article is From Sep 20, 2023

This 'Parotta' Making Video Has Internet Divided On The Hygiene Question

An unhygienic video of street food being prepared has gone viral. Internet users are divided over it.

This 'Parotta' Making Video Has Internet Divided On The Hygiene Question

The making video of Indian street food has divided the internet. Photo: X/@stillgray

Street food occupies a special place in every foodie's heart. Whether we savour the classic golgappe or a scrumptious plate of chhole bhature, there is no resisting the yummy food prepared by street-style vendors. Many of these stalls have also come under the lens of hygiene concerns. Recently, an internet user named Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) shared a video of a street food vendor in India preparing what seemed to be a giant parotta. The unhygienic making video left internet users fuming. Take a look:

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"How Indian street food is prepared. Would you eat it," questioned the user in the caption. The clip was originally from an account on X called 'Catch Up'. Since the time it was posted, it has received over 19.4 million views and 6.5k likes.

In the video, we could see the making of the giant parotta. First, the dough is kneaded with hands. Then, it is allowed to rest for some time before being portioned out into separate portions. A few more layers are created and then the dough is again spread out by hand. A giant griddle is used to deep fry the parotta in small sections.

Users on X remained divided about the street food video. Some people said that preparing this parotta on such a large scale was quite rare and usually these dishes were made in smaller versions. Several others said that as long as he had washed his hands, it was right.

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