"Feeling Pain In My Heart" - Apple Idli Unites Instagram Users Over Shared Dislike

A video showing the preparation of an unusual "apple idli" has gone viral. Read to know how people reacted online.

'Feeling Pain In My Heart' - Apple Idli Unites Instagram Users Over Shared Dislike

A viral video shows the making of "apple idli" (Photo: Instagram/thegreatindianfoodie)

Idli, the soft and wholesome South Indian delicacy, is popular all over the country. It is often the subject of food experiments by vloggers, street food vendors, and others. You may remember the viral videos showcasing the unappetising "rasgulla idli" or the unconventional "nariyal pani idli." Among the latest fusion recipes taking the internet by storm is "Apple Idli." While the addition of the fruit may not seem as strange as other examples, Instagram users seem to have had enough of these bizarre idli varieties.

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In the Instagram reel, we see a person cutting an apple to start preparing the dish. The next shot simply shows him pouring a batter from a mixer-grinder onto a plate. The colour of the mixture suggests that the chopped apple has been blended along with idli batter. He combines a few pieces of the raw apple with the batter on the plate. He then transfers it into apple-shaped moulds. The 'idlis' are placed in a steamer to cook. Once done, they are de-moulded and plated on strips of banana leaves. The cook places an apple slice and pomegranate seed on top of each idli. The dish is served with three types of chutney and sambhar. Take a look at the complete video below:

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The reel has already received more than 746K views so far. In the comments, most Instagram users were against this fruity idli. Several expressed their anger and disapproval of this version of a favourite food item. Check out some of the reactions below:

"2 perfectly fine food items. They were happily single. But this human decided to murder them both by making them marry each other."

"Not South Indian, still feeling pain in my heart."

"Cheese and Mayo reh gaya ismain." ["Cheese and mayo are left to be added."]

"Aap mango aur Nutella ki dressing bhul gaye." ["You forgot to add mango and Nutella dressing to it."]

"Ok, one Samsung idli please."

"This is a crime."

"This "Apple" will surely take you to the "doctor"!!!"

"Stop ruining traditional dishes."

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