Watch: Vlogger Tries Snickers With Ketchup, Leaves Internet In Disbelief

Recently, a food enthusiast from Singapore took taste buds on a wild ride with a bizarre pairing: a Snickers bar with tomato ketchup.

Watch: Vlogger Tries Snickers With Ketchup, Leaves Internet In Disbelief

A food vlogger tried Snickers bar with ketchup. (Image Credit: Instagram/@foodmakescalhappy)

Food is a universal joy, and the desire to experiment with tastes is something that resonates with everyone. Whether trying a new recipe, exploring exotic cuisines, or tweaking traditional dishes, the thrill of discovering unique flavours is hard to resist. We can't ignore that not every experiment is a success. We've all been there, excitedly experimenting in the kitchen, only to realise that our attempt turned out to be a disaster. Recently, a food enthusiast from Singapore, who has a knack for trying out weird food combinations, took taste buds on a wild ride with yet another bizarre pairing - a Snickers bar with tomato ketchup. Yes, you read that right!
The foodie kicked off the video with an adventurous text: "Let's try ketchup Snickers." Pouring a generous amount of ketchup onto the Snickers bar, which is typically made of nougat, peanuts, caramel, and milk chocolate, he expressed uncertainty with the words, "Not very sure about this," followed by a playful, "But never try, never know, hehe." Taking a cautious bite, he chewed a few times and remarked, "Hmmm, it doesn't taste disgusting. But the sourness of the ketchup is quite overpowering, so the overall flavour is pretty." Concluding his taste test, he advised, "You can try if you're curious," before bravely taking another bite, complete with a playful yet slightly disgusted face. Watch the video here:
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Viewers were less than impressed with the unique combination, going so far as to label his food experiments an 'abomination.' "Bro, I don't even follow you; why are you and your horde of abominations always on my feed?" one comment read. Another user expressed, "I like to watch these reels as a form of torture to myself." Someone asked, "Who hurt you this time, brother?" A concerned user wrote, "I feel bad for your stomach." Viewers threw in more ideas for the food adventurer, suggesting quirky combinations like "Hot dog with peanut butter" and "Pickle with a candy cane."

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