Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 12: A Glimpse Of The House - It's Grander And Brighter Than Before

Bigg Boss can outdo his own work and the decor of Bigg Boss 12 sets is proof

Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 12: A Glimpse Of The House - It's Grander And Brighter Than Before

Salman Khan returns to host Bigg Boss 12. (Image courtesy: Twitter)


  • The theme of this year's Bigg Boss house is beach
  • The house is painted in vibrant colours
  • The jail, kitchen and dining areas are more spacious than last year
New Delhi:

Bigg Boss 12 begins tonight and of course, no one can keep calm. The camera in-charge of Bigg Boss' house, who identified himself as 'Chuppa Rustom,' on Sunday gave a detailed tour of the new house, the theme of which is "beach." The new Bigg Boss house is grander than before with vibrant colors and more spacious than the previous versions. The garden area, which comes with a pool, is huge - it has to be after all, the tasks of the show will be conducted in this area. We all know that Bigg Boss' tasks are as grand as the show therefore the area had to be this big.

This year, Bigg Boss has also improved the jail area, which was much smaller in the last season. There's room for contestant(s) to walk around but the absence of beds (looks deliberate) in the area appears to be an attempt to add to the contestant's discomfort. When in Bigg Boss' jail, the inmates will be able to interact with others through the overhead windows.

The grand bedroom, which will be home for contestants temporarily, is done up in bright colours. In one part of the room, there are double beds (for couples) and on the other part there are single beds. The bathroom area (with a Jacuzzi) looks similar but with new colours. Bigg Boss has also expanded the kitchen and dining area for a comfortable stay.

Finally, the confession room - this time, Bigg Boss has made the confession room spacious and more comfortable. We wonder why?

Take a tour of Bigg Boss house before the contestants:



Bigg Boss 12, with vichitra Jodi theme, is all set to air from 9 pm on Colors TV starting tonight. The show will be hosted by Salman Khan.

Are you excited about Bigg Boss 12? Tell us what you think about the new house in comments below.

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