Rashmika Mandanna On North Vs South Divide: "About Time We Start Calling It Indian Film Industry"

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Rashmika Mandanna On North Vs South Divide: 'About Time We Start Calling It Indian Film Industry'

Rashmika Mandanna shared this image. (courtesy: rashmika_mandanna)

After beginning her career in the south Indian film industry, actress Rashmika Mandanna has risen to become a pan-India star. In a recent conversation with Hindustan Times, the actor shared insights about the integration of films from both the north and south into the broader "Indian film industry." Rashmika expressed, “I think it's about time that we start calling out the industry as the Indian film industry because we are all in the entertainment industry, and we are all one country. And it's high time that we start acknowledging that all the industries in our country are the same. We are all here to do some mad, cool films and tell some really cool stories. I love the fact that the barriers are going down, and people are working together in different industries and different languages despite where they belong. I'm really happy that I'm part of the change as well.” 

While talking about her upcoming film Pushpa 2: The Rule, Rashmika Mandanna added, “It's been going great. We are almost 50-plus days into the film, and there's a lot more to do, but as I always keep promising my audience it's going to be bigger than ever before. There's a lot of hard work put in and a lot of focus on the detailing taken care of. There's a lot of focus on each character that's being taken care of, and that's amazing!”

A few days ago, Rashmika Mandanna talked about Pushpa 2: The Rule with Pinkvilla. She shared, “One thing I am going to promise is that it's going to be massive. We are halfway through. We were just shooting a massive song sequence and when I will go back, I will be shooting another song.” 

Hinting at the possibility of Pushpa 2: The Rule's simultaneous release in Japan, Rashmika Mandanna mentioned, “We might release Pushpa 2 in Japan on the same day of the release. We are having those conversations.” Notably, Rashmika recently made history as the first Indian to present an award at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards held in Tokyo, Japan.

Pushpa 2: The Rule will be released on Independence Day, August 15. The film, featuring Allu Arjun as the male lead, is directed by Sukumar.