CBSE Re-Exam: Everything You Need To Know About Class 10 Maths, Class 12 Economics Paper Leak, Dates

The CBSE yesterday decided to conduct re-exams for the Class 10 mathematics paper and Class 12 economics paper in view of the information received about paper leaks.

CBSE Re-Exam: Everything You Need To Know About Class 10 Maths, Class 12 Economics Paper Leak, Dates

CBSE decided to conduct re-exams for the Class 10 mathematics paper and Class 12 economics paper

New Delhi:  The CBSE yesterday decided to conduct re-exams for the Class 10 mathematics paper and Class 12 economics paper in view of the information received about paper leaks. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has filed complaints with the Delhi police in this regard and an SIT has been formed to investigate the matter. The CBSE has also instituted an internal inquiry into the matter with a view to secure all future exams.

CBSE and the HRD ministry has assured the students that the fresh dates for the reconduct of the two exams will be announced before the end of the week or soon after taking into consideration the dates of other professional exams and logistics concerned.

CBSE Class 10 maths, Class 12 Economics re-exam: Everything you need to know

What happened

According to the First Information Report, the CBSE received a fax last Friday, which said a man who runs a coaching class in Delhi was leaking question papers. The CBSE handed over the fax to the police a day later. 

The fax that tipped off the board had alleged that the leaked paper originated from a man called Vicky, who runs a coaching institute in Rajinder Nagar in west Delhi. The police are also looking for admins of WhatsApp groups on which the question papers were shared.

Reports say a copy of the leaked question paper of the Class 10 math exam on Wednesday was delivered to the office of the CBSE chief the evening before.

Eighteen students - 11 from various Delhi schools and seven first year college students - are among 25 people questioned as the police tries to track down the source of the leak. These students and tutors had the handwritten question papers a day before the exam, the police said.

Similar to what happened to maths paper, question paper leak of economics was also reported on March 26. The office of the CBSE had received an unaddressed envelope on March 26 containing four sheets of handwritten answers of the Class 12 Economics paper, the Board said in its complaint to the Delhi Police.

Students protest

The class 10 maths and class 12 economics re-exam decision has upset millions of students who are bracing for two more final papers around the middle of next month, when the new session starts.

Students protested in Delhi's Jantar Mantar this morning, demanding a re-examination for all subjects. They feel many other question papers were leaked before the exams.

The students demanded either a re-examination of all subjects or none at all. They complained besides math and economics, many other papers were leaked before the exams. 

Meanwhile, several petitions emerged online demanding the cancellation of re-examinations for all. The petitions asked the board to conduct re-exams for the region where the leak was reported.

When the re-exam dates are coming

According to CBSE chief Anita Karwal IAS, the dates for the re-examination of Class 10 math paper and Class 12 economics paper will be announced very soon.

To be exact about the dates, the CBSE has said in a notification released yesterday said it will announce fresh dates for reexamination before the end of the week.

However, the Union minister Prakash Javadekar who spoke to the media this afternoon, said the board will take a call on the fresh exam dates soon and an "announcement will be made by Monday or Tuesday".

Where can you find the dates

The dates will be released on CBSE official website - or you may follow the updates from

Who all need to write the re-exam

For Class 10 maths, all those 16,38,428 registered candidates will have to sit for the re-exam.

For Class 12 economics paper, all those candidates who had registered for the March 26 exam need to attend.

The re-exam will apply for all the above mentioned candidates from India and abroad.

Will there be any exception

As per the available information from both the CBSE board and HRD ministry, all those candidates mentioned above from all the regions should appear for re-exams. No exception!.

How are the question papers set in CBSE board exams?

The questions are framed, examined and finalised in two stages, reports Press Trust of India.

In the first stage, the board sets up a 4 or 5 member committee, comprising school and college teachers, for each subject. The committee prepares a question bank, arranges them into three sets of question papers -- for Delhi schools, the rest of the country and overseas schools.

In the second stage, the questions are checked by an expert committee constituted by the CBSE to see if laid-down standards have been followed with regard to the syllabus, difficulty level and length of the paper. 

The question sets are then finalised by the committee maintaining upmost secrecy.

How are the question paper sets different from each other? 

As against the earlier practice when 70 per cent of the questions would vary from one set to another, the questions now prepared remain largely the same, except for the sequencing. A leak in any one set compromises the other question sets.

What procedures are followed in the run-up to the exams? 

In accordance with CBSE's standard procedures, the exam question papers are received at the examination centres in sealed packages and opened in the presence of at least four assistant superintendents -- one of them being from the school other than the examination centre as a witness.

Full-time observers are also posted at sensitive examination centres in Delhi and outside. The board also remains in touch with the state machinery and the local police to ensure trouble- free examinations throughout the country.

(With Inputs from PTI)

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