Mumbai Boss Fines Late Staff Rs 200, Ends Up Paying Rs 1,000 Penalty Himself

Sharing his experience on social media platform X, Shah highlighted the challenges of adhering to strict timelines.

Mumbai Boss Fines Late Staff Rs 200, Ends Up Paying Rs 1,000 Penalty Himself

The company boss himself accrued Rs 1,000 in fines for tardiness. (Representative Image)

To encourage punctuality and improve productivity, Kaushal Shah, the founder of Evor Beauty in Mumbai, implemented a new policy requiring employees to arrive at the office by 9:30 am. A fine of Rs. 200 was imposed on those who arrived late. However, this policy had an unexpected outcome when Shah himself accumulated Rs 1,000 in fines for being late.

Shah shared his experience on social media platform X, humorously noting that the policy had backfired on him. His post quickly drew attention, highlighting the challenges of maintaining punctuality even at the highest levels of a company.

He wrote on X (formerly Twitter), "Last week, to increase productivity in the office, I made a strict rule for everyone to be in the office by 9:30 am (earlier, we used to come by 10-11), and if we're late, we pay Rs. 200 as a penalty. This is me paying it for the fifth time."

The post has gone viral, sparking a debate on social media about the wisdom of this decision and various other aspects of the policy.

That's why, he further wrote in the comment section that "it seems my intention behind this post was misunderstood. I shared that tweet to emphasize an important principle for founders and leaders: if you establish a rule for your employees, you must be the first to follow it. As for the concern about paying the penalty to my own UPI wallet, please note that I have created a separate UPI Lite account specifically as a team fund. The money collected is used solely for team activities and benefits, such as dining and other team events. I appreciate the feedback and hope this clarifies my intentions."

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