This Article is From Jan 28, 2019

"Phone Seized Was Planted By Cops", Alleges Bulandshahr Accused's Wife

Inspector Subodh Singh's murder case: Accused Prashant Natt was not named in FIR but seen in mob violence video

Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was killed in mob violence in Bulandshahr

Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh:

The wife of Prashant Nutt, an accused in Bulandshahr mob violence, in which Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was killed, alleged that the mobile phone of the inspector, which was seized from their home was planted by the police. On Sunday, a police team had come to search her place, she said. 

"The police came to us saying that they have a search warrant. They asked me which room did Prashant use...two cops went in and kept a phone on the dressing table. When we said it isn't ours, they told us to shut up. The police had brought the phone with them," Nutt's wife claimed.

Nutt was arrested three weeks after Inspector Singh was killed during mob violence over cow carcasses in Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr on December 3. 

The UP Police claimed that Nutt had confessed to shooting Inspector Singh. "Prashant Nutt has accepted that he shot inspector Subodh Singh. We are interrogating him and expecting more facts about the incident to emerge," said Prabhakar Chaudhary, a senior officer in Bulandshahr. 

Along with Nutt, sources say that the police have also identified the man suspected to have snatched the service revolver of Inspector Singh. This suspect, Johnny, too is a resident of Bulandshahr, sources added. The names of both Prashant Nutt and Johnny were not in the First Information Report (FIR) filed after Inspector Singh was killed. The two were, however, seen together in videos of the violence, through which the police reportedly zeroed in on them.

(With inputs from ANI)