Weight Loss Tips: What Is The Best Time To Eat Protein For Weight Loss? Here's The Answer Revealed

Weight loss: Trying to lose weight? Try protein! Protein-rich diet can help you lose weight. It will keep you full for longer and help you burn more calories. But when should you consume protein for weight loss? Here is the right time to eat protein for weight loss explained by experts.

Weight Loss Tips: What Is The Best Time To Eat Protein For Weight Loss? Here's The Answer Revealed

Weight loss: Protein keeps you full for longer and contributes to weight loss


  • Protein can help you eat less throughout the day
  • Weight loss diet must include protein
  • Add more protein to your breakfast for weight loss

High protein diet for weight loss has gained huge popularity. Consumption of protein is linked with weight loss. Most people are adding more and more protein to their diet to lose weight. Protein intake improves your metabolism and helps you burn more calories. Protein also regulates hormones that affect weight loss. When you are consuming high protein diet you are less likely to feel hungry. It keeps you full for longer and reduces hunger pangs. Consumption of protein at the right time is also necessary for better results. Here are the answers to all your questions which can help you decide the best time to eat protein for weight loss.

Protein for weight loss: What is the best time to consume protein to lose weight?

Chief dietician, Ms. Pavithra N Raj explained, "People often wonder when the best time to take their protein powder. This depends on your health and fitness goals. You may want to consume it at a particular time of day, depending on whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or preserve muscle."

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Here are the right timings described by her according to different fitness goals along with some best protein food sources.

1. Weight loss

Consuming protein-rich snacks between meals is ideal for fat loss. It may help curb hunger, which could lead you to eat fewer calories later in the day.

2. Building muscle

To build muscle, aim to consume protein within two hours after working out. People who train in a fasted state, like before breakfast, should ideally take protein right after working out

3. Preventing muscle loss

To help prevent muscle loss, aim to eat 15-20 grams of protein per meal. Taking a protein supplement at meals during which you consume less protein, such as breakfast, can help spread your intake over the day.

4. Exercise performance and recovery

Endurance athletes may see improved performance and recovery from taking protein with a source of carbs during and after exercise. Resistance-training athletes can benefit from taking protein either immediately before or after a workout.


Weight loss: Protein can help you burn more calories
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Best food sources of protein

  • Chicken (no skin), fish (not fried), eggs (white)
  • Low-fat milk and milk products such as curd, paneer, cheese
  • Soya (soya milk, tofu, soya beans, chunks, granules)
  • Nuts (almond and walnut, groundnuts, etc)
  • Red kidney beans (rajma), chickpea (kabuli chana and Bengal gram), horse gram, black gram, black-eyed or cowpea (lobia) and green gram (all whole)
  • Mixed grains as sprouts, green and dry peas, split grams (Dal)

Weight loss diet: Add more protein to your diet for effective weight loss
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Nutritionist, Soumita Biswas also explained, "Timing and portion of your meal are important. If you want to lose weight try to maintain the same timing daily. As breakfast is the major meal try to consume protein-rich breakfast which helps to reduce the risk of accumulation of fat in the body and reduce appetite by reducing the level of hunger hormone named Ghrelin.


The intake of protein and timings of consuming protein depends on your activity level. There are many controversies regarding the best time to eat protein. To reap the most weight loss benefits, aim to eat plenty of protein-rich foods throughout the day. A high protein diet is beneficial for weight loss"

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(Ms. Pavithra N Raj, Chief Dietician, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur)

(Soumita Biswas, Nutritionist, Aster RV Hospital)

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