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Weight Loss: 4 Healthy Post-Workout Protein Shakes You Can Prepare At Home

A protein shake is necessary post-workout to recover. Protein promotes weight loss and boosts metabolism. You should carry a protein shake along with you at the gym. It will also help in building healthy muscles. Here are some easy methods to prepare protein shake at home.

Weight Loss: 4 Healthy Post-Workout Protein Shakes You Can Prepare At Home

Protein for weight loss: A post-workout protein shake can help you fight hunger after a workout


  • A protein shake can be your best buddy at the gym
  • It helps you build healthy muscles
  • It will also kill hunger pangs you experience post-workout

After working out your body needs recovery and protein is exactly what your body needs. It helps in recovery and muscle building. Protein aids in weight loss. It improves metabolism and contributes to weight loss. Protein should be an essential part of your weight loss plan as it helps you lose weight through various mechanisms. A post-workout protein shake will kill hunger after workout and help you stick to your weight loss diet. A protein shake can be your best partner at the gym. After working out, sipping protein shake can help you recover in the right way. The good news is you can prepare your own protein shake at home with a good amount of protein content. A homemade shake will offer you enough protein post-workout required by your body.

Weight Loss Drinks: Post-workout protein shake

1. Banana and strawberry protein shake

Fitness expert Kayla Itsines shared this post-workout protein shake on her website. This is a strawberry banana protein blast. Take one medium-sized banana and one cup of milk. Add half cup of strawberries, one-fourth cup of low-fat Greek yogurt and one tablespoon to the banana and milk. Blend all the ingredients until you get a smooth texture. Pour the shake and enjoy your fresh post-workout protein shake. You will also love the taste of banana and strawberries.


Banana can be combined with some simple ingredients to prepare protein shake
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2. Banana and peanut butter shake

This shake is extremely simple to prepare at is contains some very simple ingredients. You can prepare this shake for your post-workout recovery. Blend two medium-sized bananas, two cups of Greek yogurt, two tablespoons of peanut butter and one tablespoon of chia seeds. Blend all these ingredients properly and in the end, add 100 ml of milk to it and blend again. You can also enhance its taste by adding cocoa powder to it. Add a small amount of cocoa powder according to your taste.

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3. Oatmeal and blueberry shake

Oatmeal is also commonly used to prepare protein shake. You can take half a cup of blueberries, one tablespoon of chia seeds, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, one cup of milk and one tablespoon of honey. Blend all the ingredients until you get a smooth texture. Take this shake with you at the gym and enjoy post-workout.


A protein shake can help you reduce appetite and lose weight
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4. Berries and orange shake

Another recipe shared by Kayla which is called the berry orange creamsicle smoothie. To prepare this take one medium-sized banana, one cup of blueberries, one medium-sized orange, one-fourth cup of oats and one-third cup of low-fat Greek yogurt. Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy.


Orange will add vitamin C to your post-workout protein shake
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