Weight Loss Tips: Reason Why Sweet Potato Should Be A Part Of Your Weight Loss Diet This Winter

Weight loss: Want to lose weight this winter? Sweet potato- a famous winter food can help you lose weight. Sweet potato has many properties that can help in weight loss. You can consume sweet potato in many ways. Here are reasons why sweet potato should be a part of your weight loss diet.

Weight Loss Tips: Reason Why Sweet Potato Should Be A Part Of Your Weight Loss Diet This Winter

Weight loss tips: Sweet potato is loaded with properties which can help in weight loss


  • This winter try sweet potato for weight loss
  • Fiber in sweet potato will make you eat less
  • Sweet potato is also low in calories

Weight loss: Winter season is here! Along with the cold weather winter season brings many changes and foods that you can enjoy during the winter season. Sweet potato is one famous food which is widely consumed during the winter season. Almost everyone enjoys sweet potato during the winter season. It is used to prepare different warm delicacies for the cold weather. You might not know but sweet potato can be a part of your weight loss diet as well. Sweet potato contains properties which support weight loss. It supports weight loss in various ways. If you are planning to lose weight this winter make sweet potato your best friends. Here's how sweet potato can help in weight loss.

Weight loss: How sweet potato can help you lose weight

Chief Nutritionist, Soumita Biswas, "Sweet potato helps in weight loss if taken in moderation with other vegetables. Sweet potato if consumed with skin contains high amount of fibre which takes more time for digestion, prevents overeating and gives satiety. Hence, reduce calorie intake and prevent potential weight gain.

Journal of Medicinal food also found that sweet potato has the ability to shrink fat cells. It has also high water content, which prevents dehydration and further boost metabolism. Moreover, sweet potato has fewer calories i.e.100kcal per serving. It also has a low Glycaemic Index i.e. 44, so it can be used for diabetes and as an in-between snack also. Another study has shown that sweet potato has a beneficiary effect on weight loss if taken as a meal replacement."

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1. It is low in calories

Sweet potato is low in calories. So, you do not have to worry about your calorie intake when you are eating sweet potato. One serving of sweet potato will make you feel full without adding many calories to your diet.


Weight loss diet: Sweet potato will keep you full for longer and make you eat less
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2. High water content

Foods with high water content are weight loss friendly. High water content can help you boost metabolism. Better metabolism can help you promote weight loss. It also keeps you full by not adding too many calories.

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3. Low GI

Glycemic index explains the effect of food consumed on blood sugar levels. Sweet potato may have a sweet taste but it has low GI which means it does not affect blood sugar levels too much. This also makes it appropriate for diabetics.


Weight loss: High water content of sweet potato will improve your metabolism
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4. Loaded with fiber

Fiber is weight loss friendly. Fiber takes more time for digestion which keeps you full for longer. This will ensure that you consume limited calories. Fewer calorie consumption will result in weight loss.

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(Soumita Biswas, Chief Nutritionist, Aster RV Hospital)

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