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Struggling With Portion Control? These Tips Will Surprise You How Easy It Is

Portion control is an important factor that affect your weight loss results. Many find it hard to maintain the right portion size. Here are some tips from experts that might help cut your calorie intake.

Struggling With Portion Control? These Tips Will Surprise You How Easy It Is

Weight loss tips: Reduce your portion size when trying to lose weight for effective results


  • Change the size of your plate to control portion size
  • The colour of the plat may also affect the portion size
  • Managing portion size can help achieve better weight loss results

When trying to lose weight portion size plays a crucial role. Consuming more calories than you require may lead to weight gain. Eating restricted calories per meals assists in the weight loss process. It often becomes difficult to maintain portion size. Not just weight loss managing portion size also helps in ensuring healthy digestion. Overloading the system with too many calories also puts stress on your digestive system. Smaller meals ensure healthy functioning of the body. If you are also looking for ways to control portion size, here are some tips from expert that can help you.

How to control portion size? Follow these steps

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra took to Instagram and explained two simple tricks to restrict your portion size. "A lot of what and how much we eat is influenced by the plate we eat it in! It's true. If you are struggling to control your food portions, try to change your plate. It really adds up in the long run. Now this is not to promote eating less, but it is to help you pay attention and be more mindful of the amount of food you are eating," she tells in her IGTV.


The size of your plate can affect the number of calories you consume per meal
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The nutritionist further explains that over time the plate size has increased from 8 inches it has gone up to 12 inches. Switching to smaller plates does not mean that you have to stay hungry. But it will help you understand that you eat with your eyes first. It attracts and makes you consume more when served on a larger plate. Sometimes you tend to eat even when you are not hungry. So, switch to smaller plates and you will feel satiated faster even though you have not eaten more than required.

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She further reveals another interesting way to cut portion size. "Another thing that can work in helping you control your portion sizes is the colour of the plate. It has been noticed that when the food on the plate contrasts the colour of the plate, the mind is more aware of the food intake."

According to research, you may eat up to 18 % more when the colour of the food and the plate is the same. When you are trying to cut down portion size eat in a plate that is in contrast with the food you are eating.

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You can also use it to your advantage. If you don't like eating your green, eat on a green plate. It can help you up your green intake. You will notice that you are able to eat more veggies. It is also a helpful tip mother to get your kids to eat their veggies too.

(Lovneet Batra is a Delhi-based Nutritionist)

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