Weight Loss: How Much Should You Eat? Use This Amazing Technique To Know The Right Amount

Weight loss tips: If the question of how much food you should eat boggled you from the longest time, then Rujuta Diwekar's mental meal map can definitely help you! Read here to know how to follow it and how it can help you lose weight and become fitter.

Weight Loss: How Much Should You Eat? Use This Amazing Technique To Know The Right Amount

Weight loss diet plan: The technique involves visualising how much food you would like to eat in a meal


  1. The mental meal map can tell you how much food you should eat
  2. It maybe probably easier to follow than practicing portion control
  3. The strategy can be helpful in a cheat day as well

Has the question of the quantity of food you should eat for a healthy weight, boggled you? Then you're at the right place! Portion control is an important weight loss strategy. It is an effective practice that can enable you to eat whatever you want, including junk food and desserts. Now this is not to infer that junk, processed, packaged and sugary foods are not harmful. The frequency and pattern of consumption of these foods determine if they will harm you or not. Braced yourselves as today you are finally going to get the answer to "how much you should eat" and that too straight from Kareena Kapoor Khan's nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar.

Weight loss: How much should you eat? Rujuta Diwekar gives the answer

In one of her recent posts on social media, Rujuta reshares her "mental meal map", which can in fact be used as an effective strategy to decide how much you should eat. If followed with the right technique, the mental meal map can help you understand your appetite and tell you how much you should eat.


The mental meal map can tell you how much you should eat, without making you feel starved
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The first step involves visualising how much you would like to eat.

After visualising, you need to serve yourself half that amount, as part of step two.

For step three, you need to take double the amount of time to eat the meal. The idea is to focus completely on food while having your meal, chew your food properly and take double the time you would normally take, to complete the meal.

If you still feel hungry, you need to begin from step one again - as part of step four.

Whether you are on your cheat day or a weight loss diet, the mental meal map can always come to your rescue. It can be helpful even where you're eating out in restaurants or wedding or any other social gathering.


You can use mental meal map on cheat days or when you feel like eating junk foods and desserts
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Alongside, Rujuta suggests that you should also practice the eating etiquette of fixing a place where you will eat, and try to eat in the same place as often as possible. Also, make sure that your complete focus is on the food you eat, and nothing else. You should have no phones, TV or any other gadgets while eating. Try to sit down in sukhasana and eat with your hands. Do drink a glass of water before your meal.

All of the above strategies can together help you feel fitter and healthier, without worrying about portion control. They can also help you aid weight loss. Try for yourself and let us know if this works for you!

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