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Proteins For Weight Loss: 5 Myths That You Must Stop Believing

Protein food for weight loss: If you think that the more protein you eat, the better it is for weight loss and muscle build-up, then you must read this! We bust some of the most common myths about proteins right here.

Proteins For Weight Loss: 5 Myths That You Must Stop Believing

Weight loss tips: Vegetarians and vegans too can get enough protein from their diet


  • Vegetarian and vegan food too is rich in protein
  • Do not go overboard with protein consumption for weight loss
  • Excessive protein consumption can cause digestion issues

Protein is a macronutrient for weight loss and good health. When you eat protein, your body breaks it into large molecules, down in smaller units known as amino acids. Proteins are used for performing various functions like growth and repair of muscles, connective tissue and skin. Proteins can aid weight loss as they can fill you up quickly and make you feel full for longer, thus reducing appetite and overall calorie intake. And as important as proteins are, there are countless myths about them. The most common myth around protein is that it can be derived only from animal sources. Keep reading to know more about such protein myths that you must stop believing instantly.

Weight loss: Protein myths that you must stop believing right now

1. Protein can only derived from animal foods sources

If you think that eggs, meat and dairy products are the only foods that are rich in protein, then you are mistaken. You will be surprised to know the number of vegetarian and vegan foods that are rich in protein. Lentiles, legumes, tofu and soy products, peas and beans are all some excellent vegan sources of protein that you can bank on. In fact, the humble dal rice is a dish with complete amino acid profile.


Lentils and legumes are rich source of vegan protein
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2. Vegans or vegetarians cannot get enough protein

Vegetarian food has incomplete protein, but this does not mean that vegetarians cannot get enough of the macronutrient, even if they try to. If you consume a balanced diet which includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, then you can get enough protein on a vegetarian and vegan diet as well. As mentioned above, a simple meal like dal rice is a protein-rich dish with complete amino acid profile. Celeb nutritionist and health expert like Rujuta Diwekar and Luke Coutinho swear by protein content of dal rice or khichdi. An effective way to include more protein in your diet is by including protein-rich food in every meal of the day, including snacking.

3. The more protein you eat, the better it is

Excess of anything is bad for health, including excessive protein consumption. Ideally, you can consume 2 gm of protein per kg of your body weight. This will stay healthy and fit in the long term. Anything exceeding this may lead to digestive issues and intestinal discomfort. Maintain a balance and consume a diet with all essential nutrients like carbs, fat, protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids.

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4. You need more protein to build more muscle

Well, yes you do need extra protein than required if you want a buff up. This is also something that athletes are told constantly, citing reasons like building muscle and sustaining muscle size. People who are more active than an average person may need more calories for energy, but that's because they burn it off more quickly. When you need more calories, do so by increasing portion size of the meals in your balanced diet, which would automatically require eating more protein.

5. A high protein diet can help you lose weight

Eating more protein can definitely help you lose weight, but a high protein-diet alone cannot. Protein can make you feel full for longer and reduce appetite, thus reducing overall calorie intake. But this does not mean that you can go overboard with protein consumption for weight loss. It is certainly not going to be helpful and may in fact lead to adverse health consequences.


High protein diet alone cannot help you with weight loss
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