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How Much Should You Eat Per Meal? Rujuta Diwekar Shares Her Formula That Can Help You Decide

Portion control: The nutritionist said she learnt the formula when she visited Jordan. This formula helps you understand how much to eat.

How Much Should You Eat Per Meal? Rujuta Diwekar Shares Her Formula That Can Help You Decide

Consuming more calories than required can lead to digestive issues


  • Controlling portion size can help you maintain a healthy weight
  • Overeating is linked with health issues
  • Choose the right portion size to prevent digestive issues

Do you feel guilty after binging on your favourite food? Many often consume more calories than required. Not just weight gain but it can also lead to digestive issues like gas, bloating or uneasiness. Recently nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to Instagram to share a few tips that can help you know how much you should be eating. In the video, she explains how to eat moderately and still feel happy about it through her “Jordan formula”. "The one thing the weight-loss' industry has done is made all of us unworthy of the good food on our plate," she says.

Know how much you should eat

Rujuta said she learnt the formula when she visited Jordan for a talk on yoga. "In Jordan, people offer a date and a cup of coffee to visitors, and give the second cup of coffee and the second date only if the guests agree to have the third cup of coffee and the third date. So guests don't have the option to stop having the coffee-date combo at even numbers, they must do it at odd numbers," the nutritionist said in the video.

This, Rujuta added, forces people to constantly gauge their appetite.

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Applying the Jordan formula to your meal can be an extremely helpful and easy way of knowing when to stop eating those delicacies. Keep in mind that people feel less hungry during summers and than during winters. Also, the digestive system gets easily compromised during warmer months, so increase intake of fibre.

So, as per her advice, you should go for the second portion only when you can comfortably finish the third one. 

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Rujuta often shares advice and suggestions on how to keep “fit, not thin” on her Instagram account. In an image shared earlier, she discusses what a humble dabba full of spices found in every Indian kitchen can teach us about health and nutrition.

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“Are spices good? 100%. India was invaded because of its richness of spices,” she said in the caption. But Rujuta also warned against having too much spices, saying despite their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties, they can cause acidity and disturb nutrient absorption and hormonal balance.

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