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The Secret To Maintaining Weight Loss, Revealed!

Low-carb diet can help in maintaining weight loss, new research has found. Read here to know foods you can include in low-carb diet.

The Secret To Maintaining Weight Loss, Revealed!

Low-carb diet can help in maintaining weight loss


  • Low-carb diet involves eating low carb, high protein and fat foods
  • Foods like white bread, pasta, and junk food need to be avoided
  • New research says that low-carb diet can help in maintaining weight loss

Staying in shape is no mean job as people often find that they quickly regain the weight that they had shed after a rigorous regime of dieting or exercise. Eating a diet low on carbohydrates may, however, help them maintain weight loss, new research has found.

This is because eating fewer carbohydrates increases the number of calories burned, said the study published in the journal BMJ.

For the study, the researchers from Boston Children's Hospital in the US enrolled 234 overweight adults aged between 18 and 65 to an initial weight-loss diet for about 10 weeks.

Of these, 164 achieved the goal of losing 10 to 14 per cent of body weight.

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The participants were then randomised to follow high, moderate or low-carbohydrate diets for an additional 20 weeks with carbs comprising 60, 40 and 20 per cent of total calories, respectively.

The results showed that over the 20 weeks, calories burned was significantly greater on the low-carbohydrate diet versus the high-carbohydrate diet.

At the same average body weight, participants who consumed the low-carb diet burned about 250 kilocalories a day more than those on the high-carb diet.

"If this difference persists - and we saw no drop-off during the 20 weeks of our study - the effect would translate into about a 20-pound weight loss after three years, with no change in calorie intake," said Cara Ebbeling from Boston Children's Hospital. 


Low-carb diet can help in maintaining weight
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Following is a list of foods you can include in a low-carb diet for weight loss

1. Eggs

2. Fish

3. Leafy green veggies

4. Lean meat

5. Coconut oil, olive oil

6. Nuts and seeds

7. Broccoli, cauliflower

8. Fruits like strawberries, apples, bananas and blueberries

9. Tofu

10. Cheese

For effective weight loss while on a low-carb diet, it is important that you include more proteins and healthy sources of fats in your diet. These will help you build more muscle mass and will make you feel full for longer. Make sure that you include both cardio and weight training exercises in your fitness routine. The idea is to not just lose weight, but also maintain good health.

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Some of the top nutritionists of the country are of the opinion that restrictive diets like low-carb or keto diet are difficult to be sustained in the long run. They may lead to nutritional deficiencies and may also have an adverse affect on your health. Follow these diets only under the supervision of an expert.

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