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Are You Gaining Weight? 5 Possible Reasons Behind Unintentional Weight Gain

Are you gaining weight suddenly? There are several reasons behind weight gain other than calorie intake. Here are some possible reasons you must know.

Are You Gaining Weight? 5 Possible Reasons Behind Unintentional Weight Gain

Here are the reasons why you are gaining weight


  • Hormonal imbalance can lead to weight gain
  • Diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet to maintain healthy weight

Are you consuming limited calories and still gaining weight? You might be wondering the exact reason behind weight gain. Your diet is the most important factor which can affect your body weight but there are several possible reasons behind weight gain. Exercising and dieting are the most effective ways to lose weight. But first, you need to find the exact cause behind weight gain. Unintentional weight gain is more common in women due to several medical issues. Unhealthy weight can be harmful to your health in various ways. Here are some reasons why you are gaining weight without unintentionally.

Weight gain: What are the possible reasons behind gaining weight?

1. Hormonal imbalance

Hormones affect various functions inside your body. Hormonal changes can lead to weight gain. It is more common in women. Disturbances in hormones can cause both an increase and a decrease in weight. If you are exercising regularly and consuming limited calories, hormonal imbalance can be a possible reason. You should seek medical help in such a situation.


Disturbance in hormones can make you gain weight
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2. Fluid retention

Fluid retention can result in rapid weight gain. It can also cause swelling in different parts of the body. In such a condition when you are experiencing rapid weight gain and fluid retention, seek medical advice immediately.

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3. PCOD or menstrual disorders

PCOD also affects hormones. It is also a common health issue that many women face these days. It can contribute to weight gain in women. Menopause is also another common reason behind unintentional weight gain in women. Other menstrual disorders can also cause weight gain in women.

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4. Insomnia

Proper sleep is extremely important for your overall health. Your sleeping pattern can affect your body weight as well. When you are sleep deprived the production of hunger hormone inside your body increases. This can result in consumption of unnecessary calories.


Improper sleep can make you consume more calories and lead to weight gain
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5. Side effect of certain medication

Certain medications can also result in weight gain. Birth control pills or anti-depressants commonly result in weight gain. Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any such changes in your body weight.

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