10 Signs That You Need More Protein

You might face protein deficiency despite following a high-protein diet. The macro-nutrient plays a significant role in your diet. Read here to know about these 10 signs and symptoms of protein deficiency.

10 Signs That You Need More Protein

Deficiency of protein may be the reason you have more fat and less muscle


  • Constant bloating might happen due to protein deficiency
  • The macro-nutrient's deficiency can affect your gut health
  • You might face frequent injuries due to protein deficiency

Did you know that protein deficiency can occur even when you're on a high protein diet? Your body should be able to breakdown, assimilate and digest protein into amino acids for your cells to be able to use it. If it doesn't, you will experience some signs and symptoms of protein deficiency. Highlighting these is lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho on Facebook. In case you fall sick too often and are unable to heal on time, it is likely that your body lacks sufficient protein. Deficiency of protein will prevent production of sufficient antibodies, which ultimately makes it difficult for you to recover from illness.

Signs and symptoms of protein deficiency

1. Bloating and gas: If you constantly feel bloated or gassy after every meal, it may be a sign that your body is not producing enough enzymes to break down protein. Proteas is the enzyme produced by pancreas, which the body uses to break down protein. Constant bloating can be dealt with by including protein in your diet. Add protein to every meal in order to get sufficient protein.

2. Constipation: Constipation makes toxins from your stool reabsorb in your intestinal walls, back into your blood. This process is known as autointoxication. Constipation is also a sign that your body is not producing enough digestive enzymes, and foods rich in fibra and protein can help curb it.

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3. Gut health: Being unable to break protein into amino acids and absorb protein, will make you have poor gut health, which ultimately leads to numerous digestion issues.


Protein deficiency can affect your gut health and cause digestion issues
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4. Anxiety and sadness: Yes, protein deficiency may also cause feelings of sadness and anxiety. Protein deficiency makes you lack sufficient neurotransmitters to keep you happy.

5. Hormonal imbalance: Luke says that the foundation of hormones are proteins. Proteins play a huge role in maintaining hormonal balance. Make sure your diet contains sufficient protein if you want to maintain hormonal balance and prevent diabetes, hypothyroidism, PCOD, etc.

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6. Weight gain: If you are constantly gaining weight and have more fat and less muscle, then you must eat more protein as it helps in building muscle mass. Your muscle is what helps in burning fat and boosting metabolism.

7. Skin: Having sufficient protein helps in maintaining collagen in the skin. Proteins can also help you have healthy hair.

8. Getting injuries more often: If you are training and getting injured consistently, may be you need to work on your protein intake. Protein breaks down into amino acids and feeds your muscles when you are at rest. So make sure you eat good sources of protein to prevent frequent injuries. Muscles are toned in the gym, fed in the kitchen and made in bed, stresses Luke. 

9. Ageing: For healthy ageing, make sure that you balance your protein intake with every age. You will naturally lose muscle as you age and thus it is important to eat some protein to maintain your muscle mass.

10. Acidity: If you're on antacids, there's a huge chance that you are protein deficient.

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(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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