Watch: Video Of Salwar Kameez-Clad Staff At Indian Restaurant In Switzerland Goes Viral

The restaurant is also well decorated with desi decor, paintings on the walls and lights. Read on for details.

Watch: Video Of Salwar Kameez-Clad Staff At Indian Restaurant In Switzerland Goes Viral

The video has received 362k views till now (Photo Credit: Instagram/@soulmates_xpress)

The variety, mix of spices and unique flavour profile have taken Indian cuisine to a global platform. So much so that today you will find a significant rise in the number of Indian restaurants across the world. Recently, one such Indian restaurant made the headlines, but not because of its menu or the taste of the food. Content creator couple Sneha and Veeru, who go by the name @soulmates_xpress on Instagram, recently shared a video featuring an Indian restaurant in Switzerland, where we could see female employees serving food to the patrons in a classic Indian wear - Salwar Kameez. While we couldn't see the menu or the dishes served at the restaurant, what impressed us was the desi decor, paintings on the wall and lights and huge chandeliers, adding to the vibe of the space.

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"Who knew I'd find a slice of India in Switzerland that's more Indian than India itself? Stepping into Indian restaurants in most of Europe is like a cultural time machine - rich traditions and vibrant decor that sometimes out-Indian India!" the post read.

Watch a glimpse of the restaurant and its ambience here:

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Looks quite grand, isn't it? Much like us, the video grabbed several attention on the internet. Till now, the video has received 362k views and thousands of likes and comments. While some seemed impressed with the ambience, some questioned the quality and taste of Indian foods sold abroad.

"The restaurants in Europe are more Indian than in India," a comment read.

A person wrote, "They are looking so beautiful. so elegant, just like wow in this outfit."

"Amazing," a third comment read.

"Best Indian food in the UK. Long lines and the food tastes more Indian than India," a person wrote.

Another person was seen asking, "Where is this exactly? City and hotel name?"

On the other hand, some people feel, "I bet food there would not taste anywhere near original Indian taste...they are just compensating with loud show-off."

Another person wrote, "Gaon ki shadi mein aye jese lag raha (it seems they have come to a village wedding)".

A comment read, "We suffer from cultural cringe."

A person wrote, "They look uncomfortable for sure. No one does that in India."

What are your thoughts on this restaurant in Switzerland and its overall ambience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.