Watch: Diljit Dosanjh And Neeru Bajwa's Hilarious Cooking Face-Off

In the clip, the two are seen taking on an omelette-making challenge. Check it out below:

Watch: Diljit Dosanjh And Neeru Bajwa's Hilarious Cooking Face-Off

The duo were seen cooking an omelette together. (Image Credit: Instagram/@diljitdosanjh)

Diljit Dosanjh is back with another food video on Instagram, but this time he's not alone in the kitchen. The singer-actor is joined by his co-star from Jatt & Juliet 3, Neeru Bajwa. In the clip, the two are seen taking on an omelette-making challenge. The video starts with Diljit asking, "Dekhde aa omelette swaad banaunda kehda aa? [Let's see who's omelette tastes better?]" However, there's a twist - there's only one non-stick pan, and Neeru claims it first. As Neeru breaks eggs and adds spices to a bowl, Diljit playfully points out she's added too much chilli powder. The actor-singer then shows his own bowl, confidently stating his omelette will be healthier.

After pouring the mixture into the pan, Neeru Bajwa asks if Diljit Dosanjh wants her to add cheese. He replies, "No, keep it healthy." Diljit then teases Neeru by telling the audience that she asked him if she could make scrambled eggs. He responded by saying that one only makes scrambled eggs when unable to make a perfect omelette. Moments later, Diljit pours his mixture into a pan, and Neeru successfully flips the omelette. When Neeru suggests that her omelette looks better, Diljit remarks that it's only because her pan is "non-stick." Take a look:

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When Neeru Bajwa plates her omelette, Diljit Dosanjh is still engaged in the process. He folds his omelette slightly and jokingly refers to it as a "burrito omelette." Once Neeru garnishes her omelette with a side of bread and a tomato, Diljit jokes, "Mainu taan tamatar ganda lagda hai. [I think the tomato looks ugly.]" He then compares Neeru's plating to his own and calls his omelette "beautiful." The singer also takes soy sauce and creates a beautiful design on the side of the plate.

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Next, both stars swap their dishes and head towards a table to taste each other's creations. After sampling the dishes, Neeru Bajwa compliments Diljit Dosanjh by saying, "Omelette ta bahut swaad aa. [The omelette is very tasty.]" To which Diljit replies, "Tuhade wala vi bahut swaad aa. [Yours is also very tasty.]" Who wins, you ask? Well, both of them consider the other to be the winner.

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