Farah Khan Enjoys Chai And Popcorn With A Special Friend. Watch Video

In a video posted to Instagram, we see Farah Khan's pet Shih Tzu nudging Farah Khan with her paw for a bite of popcorn.

Farah Khan Enjoys Chai And Popcorn With A Special Friend. Watch Video

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Many of us sneak little bites from our meals into our pets' food bowls. The pets, even the masters of persuasion, know just how to capture our attention, making it impossible for us to resist indulging them in these little bites. Those tiny treats, passed straight from our plates to our dog or cat's dish, show the close bond between us and our furry friends. Whether it's a tasty bit of chicken or a nibble of veggies, these impromptu treats go straight from our plates to their bowls, creating those cosy moments of connection. Recently, Farah Khan shared an adorable video on her Instagram featuring her Shih Tzu, Smoochy.

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In the video, Farah is seen enjoying chai and popcorn when she playfully asks her followers to guess who wants a bite. She turns the camera to Smoochy and asks, "What do you want?" The Shih Tzu sweetly points towards the popcorn with her paw. Farah, amused by her pet's manners, fed her a kernel and praised Smoochy, saying, "Such a polite girl you are." The video captures the next moment when Smoochy, eager for more, nudges Farah with her paw again. Unable to resist, Farah feeds her furry friend another kernel of popcorn. "My baby only wants human food..and she's so polite about it too @smoochythepoochy," she wrote as the caption. The mother-of-three playfully added, "The only child of mine, who lets me take her videos and post them."

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Watch the video here:

The video garnered attention and affection from several other celebrities.

Malaika Arora humorously wrote, "Awwwww too cute. So polite unlike her mommy."

Diana Penty shared, "Awwwww, Mine also loves popcorn. Butter popcorn to be precise!"

Madhuri Dixit chimed in with, "Awww! Cutie," and Zareen Khan added, "Awwwwwww kitnaaa pyaaaraaa (how sweet)."

Deanne Pandey commented, "Awwwwww how adorable."

Huma Qureshi and Sonali Bendre left red heart emojis while Rhea Kapoor joined in with a heart-eyes emoji.