"In The Mood For..." - Farah Khan Whipped Up This Cheesy Delight At Home

Farah Khan recently took to Instagram to share a glimpse of her cooking venture at home. Find out what she made for her dinner.

'In The Mood For...' - Farah Khan Whipped Up This Cheesy Delight At Home

(Photo Credit: Instagram/ farahkhankunder)

We all have different go-to dishes when we're suddenly inspired to cook something yummy for dinner. While some may want to try their hand at fancy delicacies, others may opt for simple, comforting foods. Wondering what Farah Khan opts for? The star took to Instagram recently to give her followers a glimpse of her dinner diaries. She shared a short clip via her Instagram stories, showing a hot pan filled with food. The text on the video reads, "In the mood for cooking tonight".

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Her hashtags revealed that she made some delicious pasta alfredo for her meal at home. We could spot penne pasta sizzling in the pan, mixed with what looked to be chopped bell peppers of three colours: green, yellow and red. They were all coated in a delicious cheesy sauce. The video showed Farah giving the ingredients a good stir. Take a look at the screengrab below:

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Farah Khan doesn't have a soft spot only for foreign delights. She also takes pride in Indian food and traditions. A few weeks ago, during a trip to London, she shared a video about "how to go desi" with a cup of tea. The reel opens with Farah saying, "We are in London, so we must do all things British. Tea is a very important part of British culture. But we being Indians, let's do it differently." She then proceeded to make her own masala chai in a unique way. Her advice sparked a lot of smiles and laughter - even Malaika Arora commented on the post. Read the full story here to discover Farah's suggested method for making tea abroad.

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