3 Diet Mistakes You Must Always Avoid To Prevent Indigestion - Nutritionist Warns

We have got you certain expert-recommended tips to follow to avoid indigestion and enjoy a good gut health. Read on for details.

3 Diet Mistakes You Must Always Avoid To Prevent Indigestion - Nutritionist Warns

Tips to prevent indigestion (Photo Credit: iStock)

Indigestion, bloating, and acidity are linked to poor gut health. And that majorly happens when you have an imbalanced diet regime. But what about the times when you eat clean yet feel an irritation in your gut? According to health experts, the situation occurs when you make certain mistakes while eating your meals - and trust us, most of the time these situations are left unattended. Ayurvedic and gut health expert Dr. Dimple Jangda highlighted some of those common practices we follow without knowing that they are harming our bodies. Let's elucidate further.

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3 Most Common Diet Mistakes You Must Always Avoid To Prevent Indigestion:

Mistake 1: Eating more than 80% of your appetite.

According to Dr. Dimple, your stomach is the size of your fist. "Even if you stretch it, the maximum you can eat is about this much, which fits in the two palms of your hand," she states. So, it is important to eat not more than 80% of your appetite and keep enough space for the digestive juices and fluids to secrete and move the food for digestion. The expert further suggests that the best practice is to walk 100 steps after finishing your meal to accelerate the digestion process.

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Mistake 2:Drinking soda or any kind of fluid while eating.

We love pairing biryani with aerated drinks. Right? Many of us sip soda, shikanji, etc. while eating food, thinking it might help us eat more and digest better. But according to the expert, the reality is exactly the opposite. These aerated drinks wash away the digestive juices, and your stomach hardens up. That's when your body tries to digest all the food without any saliva or enzyme and fails miserably. This situation further leaves you bloated, constipated and irritated.

Mistake 3. Mixing every type of food:

Always remember, every food ingredient has its nature and works accordingly. While some leave a positive effect on your body, some end up being poisonous. So, it is important to be mindful while picking your meal of the day. Dr. Dimple explains that never mix fruits with your lunch or breakfast. Eat vegetables, carbs, and protein together and then after at least two hours, eat your fruits. You can also have fruit an hour before your meal.

That's it! Follow these simple tips and enjoy good gut health. "Here's to eating healthy and a healthy you," she concludes.