Priyanka Chopra's New Insta Post Features BTS Moments From The Bluff Sets. Bonus: Malti Marie

The Bluff has been directed by Frank E Flowers

Priyanka Chopra's New Insta Post Features BTS Moments From The Bluff Sets. Bonus: Malti Marie

Priyanka Chopra shared this image. (courtesy: priyankachopra)

New Delhi:

Priyanka Chopra is busy shooting for her upcoming film The Bluff in Australia. On Saturday, the global star shared a video featuring behind-the-scenes moments from the movie. Initially, we see Priyanka in the makeup room getting ready for an action sequence. Her team is seen painting injury marks on her body and face. Then Instagram video then shows us how she actually injured herself while filming the scene. A few seconds later, Priyanka is seen walking hand in hand with her bundle of joy, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. The mother-daughter duo is shown filling their plates with food on the sets. Following this, we see the cover page of the script for Priyanka's character, Ercell. Towards the end, the actress poses alongside her little fans. In the caption, Priyanka Chopra wrote, “Previously… on #thebluff #stunts #actionaddict #workingsaturday.”

A few days ago, Priyanka Chopra injured herself on the set of The Bluff. She uploaded a picture of her scratched throat on her Instagram Stories. “Professional hazards at my job #latestaquisition #thebluff #stunts (sic)," she wrote in the caption. Click here to read all about it.

Priyanka Chopra had also shared a video from The Bluff's yacht party in Australia. In the montage, Priyanka and her daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas are seen having fun with actors Anisha Tee Gibbs, Tyler Wincott, costume designer Antoinette Messam and others.

The side note read, “When I start a new project it's really important for me to know that the people that come together to make it are top notch. We spend so much time together, away from our families and homes ,thinking ,eating and breathing the art we're contributing to. It becomes so much easier when everyone you're surrounded by is full of joy , dedication and the absolute best at their craft. This feels like that. Here's to new beginnings.”

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The Bluff has been directed by Frank E Flowers and backed by The Russo Brothers and Amazon MGM Studios. Apart from this film, Priyanka Chopra will also be seen in Heads Of State with Idris Elba and John Cena.