Isha Malviya On Rinku Dhawan's Comment On Her Breakup With Samarth: "Khud Ki Marriage Successful Nahi Rahi Hai"

In April, Samarth Jurel confirmed his breakup with Isha Malviya

Isha Malviya On Rinku Dhawan's Comment On Her Breakup With Samarth: 'Khud Ki Marriage Successful Nahi Rahi Hai'

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New Delhi:

You must be living under a rock, if you haven't heard about Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel's break up. They were part of the TV reality show Bigg Boss 17. The news has shocked their fans and industry colleagues alike. Recently, actress Rinku Dhawan also shared her thoughts on Isha and Samarth's relationship. In an interview with Zoom, Rinku Dhawan shared how she predicted Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel's breakup while they were in the show.

She said, "Yeh baat toh Bigg Boss ke ghar ke andar hi ho gayi thi. Maine kaha tha ki dekhna Samarth newspaper mein hi padh lega ki Isha kisko date kar rahi hai next. [This happened inside the Bigg Boss house itself. I had said that just wait and see, Samarth will read in the newspaper about whom Isha is dating next.]”

Rinku Dhawan added, "Bigg Boss ke ghar mein jab meri aur Samarth ki tu-tu, mai-mai ho rahi thi tab maine hi kaha tha dekh tujhe ye kitni hawa deti hai.. maine kaha dekh lena 6 mahine ke andar padh raha hoga ki ye (Isha) kiske sath hai. [When Samarth and I were arguing in the Bigg Boss house, I was the one who said, ‘Watch how much attention she gives you.' I said, ‘Just wait and see, within six months you'll be reading about whom Isha is with.']" She also mentioned that Isha Malviya “keeps prioritising moving ahead professionally and personally." 

Well, the comments didn't go down well with Isha Malviya. The actress has criticised Rinku Dhawan for her statements. During a chat with Galatta Plus, Isha Malviya said, "Wo unki khud ki marriage life mein successful nahi rahi hain. Mujhe yeh bolna nahi chahiye but agar wo itni gandi gandi baatein bol rahi hain. She has been divorced, unka khud ka divorce ho chuka hai aur aap 20 saal ke bachchon ko dekhne mein lage huye ho. [Her married life wasn't a success. I shouldn't say this, but if she's speaking such nasty things. She has been divorced and now she is busy looking after 20-year-olds.]”

Humara kya hai, humara toh theek hai, breakup ho jayega, relationship ho jaayenge. But look at yourself. Aapki shaadi bhi nahi sahi se chal pai hai. [What about us, we're fine, we might have breakups, we might have relationships. But she [Rinku Dhawan] should look at herself. Your marriage hasn't been smooth either.] It is better that you focus on yourself…To be in the limelight, you are talking sh*t about the people,” Isha Malviya added. 

Earlier, Rinku told ETimes TV, “Isha and Samarth are youngsters. Their age is such, Ek toh Umar hai… they are grown up, sensible, smart. Bahut tez hai Aaj Kal ke bacche. [the present generation is very intelligent] My son is a 22-year-old and today's youngsters are very smart. They can handle everything and I'm sure Samarth will be able to handle everything.”

In April, Samarth Jurel confirmed his breakup with Isha Malviya. In an interview with Pinkvilla, he shared, “Yes, we are not together anymore. Break up hogaya hai [We have broken up]. I don't want to talk more about this. This is all I have to say."

Before Samarth Jurel, Isha Malviya was in a relationship with Abhishek Kumar, who was also seen in Bigg Boss 17. The reality show was won by comedian Munawar Faruqui.