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Irrfan Khan, Battling Rare Cancer, Says Will See 'Where Sixth Chemo Session' Takes Him

Irrfan Khan said he received positive feedback after the third round of chemotherapy

Irrfan Khan, Battling Rare Cancer, Says Will See 'Where Sixth Chemo Session' Takes Him

Irrfan Khan is currently in London for treatment (courtesy irrfan)


  • Irrfan Khan has been diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumour
  • Irrfan is undergoing treatment in London
  • Irrfan's new film Karwaan releases tomorrow
New Delhi:

Irrfan Khan flew off to London for undergoing treatment for neuroendocrine tumour sometime in March and in a recent interview to Hindustan Times, revealed he just got his fourth round of chemotherapy - two more to go. Sharing health updates, the 51-year-old actor told Hindustan Times that he received positive feedback after the third round of chemotherapy. "I have had the fourth cycle of chemo. And I have to have six cycles and then we need to have a scan. After the third cycle, the scan was positive. But we need to see after the sixth scan. And then we'll see where it takes me," Hindustan Times quoted him as saying. The report also added that Irrfan was hospitalised the night before they reached out to the actor.

In a statement on March 16, Irrfan Khan announced that he's been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and almost four months later, he told Hindustan Times that the experience of undergoing treatment and a sense of uncertainty has provided him with a sense of clarity: "There's no guarantee of life with anybody. My mind could always tell me to hang a kind of chip on your neck and say, 'I have this disease and I could die in a few months or a year or two.' Or I could just avoid this conversation completely and live my life the way it offers me. And it offers so much. I admit I was walking around with blinders. I couldn't see what it offered me," he said.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Irrfan admitted that he can't deny enjoying certain changes in his otherwise planned routine, like waking up and not knowing how the rest of the day will play out. No, I'm completely out of reading scripts. This has become a surreal experience. My days are unpredictable. I used to think my life would be like that, but I could never practice unpredictability and spontaneity. That has happened now. I don't plan. I go for breakfast and then I don't have a plan. I take things as they come. That has been really helping me a lot. I don't make plans. I'm just spontaneous. And I'm loving this experience."

Meanwhile, Irrfan Khan's new film Karwaan releases tomorrow, which also stars Mithila Palkar and Dulquer Salmaan. Mithila, who is making her Bollywood debut with the movie, earlier told news agency PTI that Irrfan is really being missed during the film's promotional events. "It was extremely heart-breaking to hear this (Irrfan's illness) but all our love and prayers are with him. He is a fighter. Hope we see him very soon," she added. Last week, a screening of the movie was also arranged for Irrfan in London.

Earlier in May, Irrfan Khan was spotted at the Lord's, watching a cricket match, after which he has updated his profile pictures on his social media accounts twice. On May 17, Irrfan resurfaced on Twitter after two months since he opened up about being diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumour:



Irrfan Khan's film with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Marc Turtletaub Puzzle recently released overseas and is yet to hit screens in India.