This Article is From Jun 08, 2023

Milind Soman Once "Hated" Running. Now...

Milind Soman shared a special post on Global Running Day

Milind Soman Once 'Hated' Running. Now...

Milind Soman shared this image. (courtesy: milindrunning)

New Delhi:

Those who have been following Milind Soman for some time on social media might find it hard to believe that he once “hated” running. The actor-model is a fitness and running crusader who inspires thousands. But this was not the case till 2003. So, what actually changed for Milind? The actor explained, in a post for Global Running Day, that after he completed his first 21 kms marathon, he “began to find incredible joy” in running. Sharing a bunch of pictures of himself from various marathons, Milind Soman wrote: “Happy global running day to you all! Whether you have already experienced the joy of running or are still to take your first step! Surprisingly, I hated running till 2003 but began to find incredible joy in it after completing my first 21km run, so you have to experience it correctly to know what it feels like.”

“Start slow, even slower than your walking pace if necessary, and with small distances like 500 meters, and increase gradually as you get comfortable, it could be the beginning of a new life at any age. Happy running to all!” he added. 

Read Milind Soman's post here:

Milind Soman, whenever he gets a chance, promotes the benefits of running and exercise. He was in Azerbaijan a few days ago with his wife Ankita Konwar. The couple had fun running on the Baku promenade. Milind even shared a photo of himself and described his experience: “Ran on the promenade in Baku, Azerbaijan for a couple of days. it's difficult to find the time for yourself, especially when you travel, but you have to try, and of course 'try' means do!! Baku is a pretty city, on the shores of the Caspian Sea and the weather was great, if a bit warm. Tbilisi in Georgia is the next stop, for hiking and some more running, in between some ‘work,' hopefully.”

Not just running but Milind Soman also loves skipping, push-ups and pull-ups. These photos and videos of the actor are proof:

Milind Soman is known for his performances in the music video Made In India, and movies such as 16 December, Chef and Bajirao Mastani.