"Getting Back On Track" Never Looked This Inspiring. Courtesy Anil Kapoor

For those who need some mid-week motivation to hit the gym, here's Anil Kapoor for you

'Getting Back On Track' Never Looked This Inspiring. Courtesy Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor shared this photo (courtesy anilskapoor)


  • Anil Kapoor shared a running video on Twitter
  • "Getting back on track," he captioned the video
  • Anil Kapoor's video was showered with a whole lot of love
New Delhi:

Anil Kapoor is a true blue example of the saying - "Age is just a number." The 64-year-old actor, in a Twitter post recently, shared a glimpse of his fitness routine and sent the Internet into tizzy, just like every other time. The video is captioned: "Getting back on track" and all we want to say is that "Getting back on track" never looked this inspiring. The video begins with Anil Kapoor's trainer giving the actor instructions on his sprinting session. Anil Kapoor, sporting salt and pepper hair, picks up pace and carries on till his fitness instructor asks him to slow down.

For those who need some mid-week motivation to hit the gym, here's Anil Kapoor for you:

In a separate Instagram post, Anil Kapoor opened up about his love for working out: "What I love about training is that it anchors me to something that is consistent and meditative. Life throws so many curve balls at us that it's nice to have something that grounds us, something to keep coming back to."

Last year, Anil Kapoor wrote a lengthy post about food being his weak point where as his goal is to achieve a fitter body. Here's what Anil Kapoor wrote in his post: "Everyone has a weak point. Mine is food. The Punjabi boy in me needs the taste buds ignited, my eyes always bigger than my belly. During lockdown, I have set myself the task of achieving a new sharper look. This new look needs a new approach to eating. I try and I battle. Sometimes I even fall. And what I've learnt through it all is that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So everyone in the house had to get involved. From those who kindly cook my food to the support of my family gathered round me at meal time. Fitness is never a one man/women crusade, it's about support and encouragement when we need it the most. (Always get family involved and on board to help you in any diet if you wish to make it truly a success)."

Meanwhile, Anil Kapoor has been generous enough to share glimpses of his work out routines:

Anil Kapoor was last seen in comedy thriller AK vs AK. His upcoming projects include Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, co-starring Kartik Aaryan, and Jug Jugg Jeeyo, co-starring Neetu Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and others.