Why Singer Amaal Mallik Is Doing Less Work In Bollywood: "Refuse To Suck Up To Power Mad People"

Amaal Mallik's revelations come close on the heels of Priyanka Chopra’s comments on the film industry

Why Singer Amaal Mallik Is Doing Less Work In Bollywood: 'Refuse To Suck Up To Power Mad People'

Amaal Malik shared this picture. (courtesy: amaal_mallik)

Actress Priyanka Chopra's recent interaction with Dax Shepherd on his podcast Armchair Expertand her comments on certain aspects of the Hindi film industry appear to have opened a can of worms. Following her statements about being cornered in Bollywood, composer-singer Amaal Mallik has also made some revelations about certain unpleasant aspects of the film industry. In a new series of tweets, Amaal Mallik has shed light on why he has reduced the amount of work he does in Bollywood. Stating that he was offering the explanation to young fans who were worried about him, Amaal Mallik explained that he was not willing to conform to certain working demands and conditions of the music industry in Bollywood. 

Listing the reasons in a series of tweets, Amaal Mallik wrote: “My music has worked irrespective of the stars in them, but last few years seeing me do less film work has made young fans of mine a little worried, hence I'm giving them the clear PICTURE…

A) I refuse most remixes.

B) I refuse to suck up to power-mad people.

C) Can't take instructions from non-musical people about music.

D) Can't do the sweet talking all the time.

E) Can't work without the right remuneration.

F) Not part of any producer-director camp (wink emoji)

G) I'm usually replaced by the composers that ‘LISTEN' and say ‘Ji Sir' all the time.

H) I can't butter people & do the constant a** licking they have to in order to become their little pets/ puppets to get one song here and there.”

See the tweets here:

Amaal Mallik ended the thread with a GIF from the Bollywood classic Munna Bhai M.B.B.S and said, “Do I really want to make music for such people? Really? Nahi yaar.”

Amaal Mallik's frank tweets come after the music director, on Tuesday, reacted to a news report covering Priyanka Chopra's statements about her experience in Bollywood. Sharing the news, he said: “Well it's something that I face on a daily basis. When fans ask me why I don't do as many Bollywood films? Now you know. The truth about campism, bootlicking & powerplay within #Bollywood needs to come out more often...See what they tried to do to this amazing woman…”

Amaal Mallik is the voice behind popular numbers such as O Khuda, Kaun Tujhe, Buddhu Sa Mann and has composed songs such as Sooraj Dooba Hain, Naina, and Aashiq Surrender Hua.