This Article is From May 01, 2020

Alaya Furniturewalla Is Getting Better At Her "New Favourite Thing" Every Day

"I've never done yoga in my life but it's become my new favourite thing," wrote Alaya Furniturewalla

Alaya Furniturewalla Is Getting Better At Her 'New Favourite Thing' Every Day

Screenshot of video posted by Alaya (courtesy alaya.f)


  • Alaya shared a video of hers doing yoga
  • She attempts to perfect a few complicated yoga poses
  • "Watch it till the end," she added in the caption
New Delhi:

Bollywood newbie Alaya Furniturewalla has been sharing interesting updates from her lockdown diaries on Instagram. Sharing a recent video, Alaya wrote that she has adapted a new fitness mantra and is perfecting that with each passing day. Earlier, Alaya kept herself busy with face-painting, doodling and preparing protein pancakes but looks like yoga is what's keeping her busy these days. "I've never done yoga in my life but it's become my new favourite thing to find cool yoga videos and get super excited when I'm able to do what they're doing. Watch it till the end," Alaya captioned her video, in which she can be seen practising rather complicated yoga postures. Take a look at it here:

Here are some more glimpses of her yoga diaries:

To be honest, I'm someone that HATES home workouts. But it's important to stay occupied and productive in a time like this. It's important for us to nurture our health more than ever now. There are many workouts you can find online, based on what area of the body you want to focus on and what intensity level you want to train. Here's the workout I've done here: - Skipping or Jogging on the spot (2 minutes) - Squat Hold (1 minute) - Squat Jump (3x10) - Push Ups / Knee Push Ups (3x10) - Superman Stretch (20 times) - Right Lunge (3x15) - Left Lunge (3x15) - Squat Side Step (3x15) - Plank (1 minute) - Side to Side Hip Dip (3x10) - Right Side Plank Dips (3x10) - Left Side Plank Dips (3x10) - Leg Raises (10 Full, 10 Low, 10 High) - Sitting Crunches (3x15) - Side Crunches (3x25 each side) - Bicycle Crunch (3x25 each side) - Hip Thrust (15 times) - Stretch Stretch and rest as often as you want between it! There's no rush! Each body is different, do what feels right for you and do it at your own pace Lots of love to all of you! Stay home, stay safe.. and stay healthy

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Alaya is the daughter of Pooja Bedi and her ex-husband Farhan Furniturewalla. The former couple are also parents to son Omar. Farhan and Pooja divorced in 2003. Pooja Bedi is now engaged to fiance Maneck Contractor while Farhan Furniturewalla is married to Laila Khan.

Only recently, Alaya shared an ROFL video of Who's Most Likely To TikTok Challenge on Instagram, in which both she and her brother Omar pointed at mom Pooja Bedi in response to the query: "Who's most likely to kill someone?" Alaya captioned her post this way: "Had to do this with my mother and brother."

Alaya Furniturewalla made her Bollywood debut this year with Jawaani Jaaneman, in which she co-starred with Saif Ali Khan and Tabu. Alaya's grandfather, actor Kabir Bedi, attended the film's launch while the film's screenings were attended by Alaya's parents and their respective partners. Alaya made an impression with her debut film on audiences and critics alike. Here's an excerpt from NDTV's review: "The brightest spark in Jawaani Jaaneman is Alaya Furniturewalla. When you watch a young actress having fun before the camera rather than striving to prove herself, you instantly know that she's one confident performer. She has the chops."