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Haryana: Girl kills 7 family members
Surinder Singh, Vikram Chowdhary , Sunday September 20, 2009, Rohtak, Haryana

A family was brutally murdered by one of its members, all for the fear of a relationship not being accepted.

A teenaged girl in Haryana murdered seven members of her family after they discovered she was in love with a boy from their own clan.

19-year-old Sonam is accused of killing seven members of her own family and her lover, Naveen, abetted the crime.

Police say both of them did it fearing their families would never accept their relationship, as they belong to the same clan.

So, when Sonam's family found out that they were in love, the two decided to kill them all. Police claim Sonam poisoned her parents, brother, grandmother and three cousins.

"They knew that when they wanted to marry officially the family would oppose it. The parents and grandmother would never allow their wedding so they decided to kill them," said Anil Kumar Rao, SSP Rohtak.

Police say it was tough case to crack. A breakthrough was possible only after they questioned Sonam who gave it away during interrogation. Now, Sonam appears remorseful.

"I have done a wrong thing, I know that," said Sonam Daggar.

Marriage within the same clan is a strict no-no in rural Haryana. Village panchayats are dead opposed to any such relationship and there have been many killings in the name of protecting family honour.

But this case has come as a shock to many, who feel it will only fuel the anger and hatred against same-clan marriages.
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